Entertainment Monthly recently had the opportunity to sit with Anan for an exclusive interview just before she left for the Venice Film Festival.

What was the inspiration behind EIN SOF?

The idea behind EIN SOF was to recreate a classic “talent show” set in a parallel galaxy in which the living beings already inhabited have migrated to a more evolved state. However, these beings from planet EIN SOF have gathered here to perform and present all their beautiful attributes. Moreover, all the characters have cabalistic letters and messages imprinted on their faces reflecting different emotions and superpowers through the constellation of letters. My investigation attempts to open our understanding of an altered reality by mixing ancient cultures with imaginary ones. Each character brings a message, has a superpower, and has an exuberant talent. Therefore, EIN SOF is a channel through which unlimited possibilities are streamed.

I understand this is your first film – why did you choose film as a medium now?

Film making is the ultimate craft; it involves so many creative minds to create a powerful visual, which for me, collaboration in synergy is the most challenging and magical process. It’s an immersive experience, which is my main goal. 

What was the experience of working with a film like overall? What did you like about it? Did you find it had limitations?

I am fascinated by the idea of the magic of translating an idea, a feeling into a moving image, and with the art of cinema, this is possible. It was a great honor to collaborate with so many creative minds – designers, lighting experts, cinematographers, costume designers, musicians, dancers, and circus performers – everything for me was a dream come true. While directing behind the camera, I felt my heart bursting with happiness. It was like a private theater show just for the team and me. It was a very magical moment. The only inconvenience I felt in this project, as in many projects, was time. I always want more time.

What do you want your audiences to learn from the film?

I hope the audience feels inspired and manages to open portals of creativity and imagination. This short film is for all ages. Adults also feel adrenaline when they see something for the first time. The feeling of discovering something new is the most beautiful.

How are audiences responding?  

The feedback [that] I have received so far has been highly positive. The audience felt inspired by the images and the music. Above all, most of the audience mention never having seen something similar, which motivates me to continue developing my language and believe in my process.

Colombian/Canadian music artist Lido Pimienta created the soundtrack for the film. Can you tell us about working with Lido and how it came to be?

Lido Pimienta, besides being an extremely talented artist – musician, singer and composer – she’s also a great and very close friend. So, it was organic to have a conversation about making the score for this film. She knew how to read my soul and could translate each one of the images into beautiful voices and music.

You mention that each character has a superpower. What would you say YOUR superpower is?

INTUITION. The power of intuition lies in its ability to empower you. When you listen to your intuition, you are guiding yourself. You are building trust in the one person you’ll always have with you. You are learning to give yourself what you need instead of what others want.

Will you be doing more films?  

Absolutely! This film illustrates only sketches of the many wishes and ideas I still want to keep developing. 

Any other introspections you would like to share with our audience? 

If you love your work, you will never question going beyond the call of duty. Your first film should show a style that allows you to learn constantly and push you to reach for something bigger. Your ideas must be simply executed as a new filmmaker, without fear of experimenting and always should leave a good space for improvisation.

Discover the work of this incredible talent at: https://www.orlyanan.com/


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