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Ana de Armas has not said who should be the next James Bond, but she does have one opinion on the qualifications to become 007 – it shouldn’t be a woman.

The 34-year-old actress, who portrayed No Time to Die’s Paloma, said in an interview with The Sun that a female version of Bond is not necessary.

“There’s no need for a female Bond. There shouldn’t be any need to steal someone else’s character, you know, to take over. This is a novel, and it leads into this James Bond world and this fantasy of that universe where he’s at,” she said. 

De Armas wants to see more female characters in the franchise instead of giving a woman a chance to be James Bond. 

“What I would like is that the female roles in the Bond films, even though Bond will continue to be a man, are brought to life in a different way,” she stated. 

Then, she adds, “That they’re given more substantial part and recognition. That’s what I think is more interesting than flipping things.” 

Daniel Craig announced that he would be stepping down as Bond after No Time To Die, making many wonder who would take on the iconic role.

Women Don’t Think Bond Should be a Woman

Many people feel it’s best if the role stays as is – a male.

The famous spy franchise’s long-standing showrunner, Barbara Broccoli, was concerned about the possible gender swap.

“Bond is male,” she said in a 2018 interview with The Guardian. “He’s a male character. He was written as a male, and I think he’ll probably stay as a male.” 

“And that’s fine. We don’t have to turn male characters into women,” Broccoli continued. “Let’s just create more female characters and make the story fit those female characters.” 

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Not even a year later, Rosamund Pike, who played the character of Bond Girl in Die Another Day in 2002, voiced the same view. 

“I think the character of James Bond is a man. He is really,” she stated. “Why not make a kick-ass female agent in her own right?” 

The production of the next installment has been put off until further notice. Last month, Broccoli said in an interview with Deadline that filming the latest movie was at least two years away, if not more. She added that “nobody’s in the running” for the role.

James Bond’s Iconic History

Ian Fleming, who created James Bond in his novels and short stories, has written twelve books so far. But after his death in 1964, eight other authors have taken over the Bond novels – don’t fret, they are authorized. 

Kingsley Amis, John Gardner, Christopher Wood, Sebastian Faulks, Raymond Benson, William Boyd, Anthony Horowitz, and Jeffery Deaver are the writers who took over. 

The most recent novel starring the iconic spy, Forever and a Day, was written by Anthon Horowitz and was published in May 2018. 

On top of that, Charlie Higson has authored a series featuring young James Bond, while Kate Westbrook authored three novels inspired by the diaries of a returning series character, Moneypenny. 

The film series is among the highest-grossing in history, with over $7 billion earned to date.

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