Austin Rudin, also known as “AustinisRude” on social media, is a multifaceted individual with his hands firmly on his music, the creative process, and even the promotion of his craft. He is a rapper, songwriter, audio engineer, singer, and director. His music style is heavily influenced by a mixture of modern hip-hop and 90s punk/alternative rock. Austin Rudin is setting himself apart as not just a musician but also fully hands-on with the process of creating his music and being in charge of the results he wants to achieve. He writes, produces, and engineers his music. Even his music videos are shot and directed by him, and since he began to put out projects online, he has garnered more than 1 million streams.

Aged 23, Austin Rudin is an innovative and creative artist with an eye for quality art. His musical sound is unique and unfamiliar as he fuses elements of different music genres into one to create his own style. He comes as a breath of fresh air to the music industry for his teeming audience. Austin is well-known in the social media space for his funny TikTok videos and being a creative graphic designer. He has fully explored his artistic and creative abilities in a way that evokes strong emotions that resonate with many of his fans. His latest single titled, “Lipstick,” scheduled for release on November 27, 2020, lends further credence to his talents.

Beyond entertaining people with his talents, Austin Rudin aims to inspire young people to believe in their creativity and aim for the stars. He is always trying to show his fans why they should never limit themselves to a box. He encourages going beyond their limits as this has given him an edge over many other people in the industry. His creativity, ambition, and talents are second to none in the industry, and he continues to push boundaries to change things for himself.

His motivation to build a successful music career can be attributed to his upbringing as a fatherless child that lacked most of the basic things a child should have. He never had it smooth, and he decided early in his life that he would change things for himself. “I experienced the coldness of the world, but somehow I overcame every obstacle. With overcoming those obstacles came the understanding that no one would chase my dreams for me. Hence, I have developed my talents and skills, and I have embarked on the journey of making a name for myself.”

Austin Rudin’s goals for the foreseeable future is to become well-known in the music and creative industry. He counts on his creative talents, skills, and voice to keep giving him the break he needs to conquer more grounds and reach millions of people globally. He is excited about his upcoming single later this month, and he has strong hopes that it will give his career the much-needed nudge toward greatness.

Learn more about Austin Rudin on his official website or you can find Austin on Instagram.


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