A person’s hair is their crowning glory. It speaks volumes about one’s style and distinct personality, and it takes a very skillful hair artist to bring out the essence of a certain hairstyle. Enter Divinity Ray, an award-winning celebrity hair artist known for their bold and courageous vivid color designs, with a larger-than-life personality to boot.

Divinity specializes in transformations, precision haircuts, balayage, and blonding techniques. Divinity has extensive experience, and they are well versed in all hair types. Divinity curates a luxury home salon experience fit for a celebrity as a traveling hair artist.

The divine experience begins with a deep consultation to evaluate their clients’ hair health, history, and their desires and expectations. From there, Divinity crafts a unique and personal vision tailor-made for the specific client’s needs. Divinity sees every new client as a blank canvas, and no two people ever leave with the same style.

Divinity’s luxury home salon experience is perfect for anyone looking for color corrections, radical transformations, red carpet events, or a simple, convenient, and private touch-up. Divinity only uses high-end and cruelty-free products, so clients can rest assured that the whole process is safe for them and for the environment. Putting half a decade’s worth of industry knowledge in their craft, Divinity has set out to give their clients the look that they so rightfully deserve.

Clients have often referred to their time with Divinity as being a “spiritual experience.” Divinity brings a healing and compassionate touch to everything they do. Divinity believes in the intimacy of the experience; they believe that each individual should have their own unique feelings about the experience that Divinity provides them. Divinity treats time with their clients like they’re rekindling with a good friend and confidante.

Divinity Ray has also collaborated with major brands such as Burt’s Bees and Crocs. Divinity is represented by the Driven Agency, Los Angeles, with a reach of close to 1 million followers across Instagram and TikTok. Divinity is able to provide brands that are looking to diversify their portfolio with an opportunity to expand their reach.

Divinity is a fierce advocate for mental health and an unwavering advocate of the LGBTQ+ community. They use their platform to support their cause and inspire others to do the same. Divinity plans on launching a YouTube channel before the end of 2020, where they will discuss topics ranging from women’s issues, LGBTQ+ issues, mental health awareness, and anti-bullying.

Divinity is in a league of their own—a self-made individual who completely overcame an incredible amount of adversity to rise above like a phoenix. Divinity was trained in Russian ballet for 20 years and was about to go pro, but was faced with debilitating obstacles. After experiencing a number of back-to-back injuries, developing an eating disorder, and hitting a low point in terms of mental health, it resulted in the end of their initial plans of becoming a professional dancer. Divinity then turned to hair. Their passion for doing hair was too strong to ignore. Divinity eventually went on to doing hair professionally the previous backstage gigs during modeling or ballet receptions. 

To learn more about Divinity Ray, check out their various social media outlets like TikTok and Instagram and their official website.


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