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It appears that being gay and coming out publicly about your romantic orientation isn’t enough anymore.

A clickbait article pushed Billy Eichner’s “supposed” relationship with Noelle co-actor Anna Kendrick.

Eichner and Kendrick, with actual partners Rebel Wilson and girlfriend Ramona Agruma, were some of the “new celebrity relationships” inspiring someone, somewhere this 2021. Indeed, it was a challenging year; however, Eichner – who appears in the gayest rom-com Bros – couldn’t help but roll an eye. 

The 43-year-old actor posted a photo of the article with the caption “Um.”

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Then Kendrick jumped into the fun, commenting on Instagram with this gem: “Honestly… I was so into this dress and ponytail, I’m just glad this pic is getting some play. Also, love you baby.” 

In a comment on Twitter, Eichner told Kendrick that the cat was “out of the bag.” Kendrick went along and helped promote Eichner’s film.

“We can finally live our truth, Billy!” the actress said. “You’ve felt so pressured to seem like a gay man that you made #BrosMovie, but you’re free now! Our love can flourish!” 

“Wish my father was alive to see me hilariously responding to clickbait!” Eichner posted a tweet. “Happy Father’s Day!!!” 

Well, that was an odd issue. An Instagram comment from Sharon Stone made it even odder: “Hahaha. It’s only one gay a day time, Billy.” 

Whatever its meaning: Iconic.

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