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In a newly released interview eight months ahead of Bob Saget’s unexpected death, the comedian talked about mortality and how it transformed his worldview.

Saget, a 65-year-old man, killed in January from head trauma, went on an interview with Radio Rahim for the podcast Til This Day, talking about life, death, and loss.

When asked how he coped with the death of loved ones, Saget said that until recently, art was a way for him to palate away his pain.

“At 65, I’m different than I was. We’re all rethinking what we said 20 years ago, ten years ago, four years ago. I’m not even rethinking it; I just don’t have the same way of doing humor or conversation,” said Saget, indicating that losses helped him grow.

“I guess therapy, having three kids, watching people pass away in the past few years, mortality – all that stuff has fortunately changed me.” 

Saget said that he was taught to accept life due to his father, who suffered the loss of five siblings: “My kids tell me, ‘Dad, you’re different. It’s so nice to watch you grow.” 

“I was 9, and we had so many deaths growing up that my dad would just instill [having fun] in me,” he continued. “He didn’t teach it to me. I just saw [how] he reacted… He buried all his siblings. I helped him write the speech at 3:30 in the morning in Philly.” 

The second part of the three-part Saget interview was released on Wednesday, giving insights into mental health and the George Bailey-based discernment he had at his 60th birthday party. 

PEOPLE reported that Saget has stated that John Stamos helped him realize the number of lives he touched after his party.

“We all have many poignant moments, and they do seem to have an age tag on them,” he said to Rahim. 

“Fifty is a big one. Sixty hit me very hard, but a friend of mine threw a big party for me that I didn’t expect it to be. It was Stamos. I found out how much love that I had given to receive so much love from people… It’s like It’s a Wonderful Life when George Bailey wants to kill himself.” 

He added, “The movie starts, he’s on a bridge. He’s going to kill himself. And then an angel takes him through his life and shows him what would’ve happened had he not existed.” 

The birthday party aided in Saget’s realization that he had “given a lot of life to people because I have a lot,” he stated. “I have an extreme amount. I was raised with it. It’s what helped me to survive and stay sane. It’s helped me not let myself die.”


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