There is no clear-cut definition of beauty. It’s subjective and cannot be defined. The owner of Coûteux Cheveux, Chanelle Dontrese Murray, sees beauty as a quality in any woman who is a driving force towards positive change, a woman who can move mountains to be heard, felt and respected. 

Looking and feeling beautiful is an art and science. It comes from within, born out of elegance and passion. Anyone can outright express their confidence and inner beauty. It just takes accepting oneself and letting the beauty shine through. Most women express their beauty in different ways. Though a common channel for women’s expression of beauty is seen through their hair. 

Coûteux Cheveux was created for the sole reason of allowing different women to express themselves. They sell beauty on a global platform and help women from around the globe look and feel beautiful. It was created for women who can laugh at herself in a crowded room, make lemonade out of the lemons that life throws at them, women with raw confidence and passion. What makes Coûteux Cheveux and Chanelle Dontrese Murray so special is their ability to make people feel better about themselves. They understand what it takes to have greatness and elegance, and the business operates on that sole premise of providing beauty to empowered women.

It has always been Coûteux Cheveux’s mission to help women exude confidence and intelligence. To help them express their full selves and establish a prosperous lifestyle where they are in control. Empowering women to be the best that they can be, that is Coûteux Cheveux’s sole mission. 

Their weaves are only obtained through raw virgin Remy hair, directly cut from ponytails. This means that all of the cuticles will be facing the same direction. This also means that washing the hair will not cause the weaves to look horrible. Customers can easily style it with a curling iron if desired. All the hair wefts are sealed with glue, so running a brush through the hair is totally safe. There will be no unnecessary hair fall incidents, and brushing will make the wefts thin to make the hair easier to weave and lay flat.

In the case of nits, Coûteux Cheveux removes them by hand and only uses organic shampoos and apple cider vinegar to sanitize the hair. Insecticides or any type of harsh detergents are never used as they damage the hair and make their customers’ head itch like crazy. Customers can expect an itch-free experience with Coûteux Cheveux’s hair.

They also don’t use any chemicals, perms, or hot curling irons on their hair. This prevents any damage or any foul odor that one usually gets when using those methods. Their entire process and the extra measures that they take to provide high-quality hair have made their weaves durable, shiny, and long-lasting. 

Coûteux Cheveux also acts fast and provides great service to their customers. They can ship an order on the same day if it is placed before their cutoff period. They also provide tracking numbers for every purchase to ensure a reliable and safe delivery process.For more information regarding Coûteux Cheveux and their services, customers can visit its website and order online.


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