2021 witnessed the astronomic rise of non-fungible tokens. A year after it exploded into the digital asset industry and made its way to mainstream consciousness, it’s becoming more apparent that these blockchain-hosted non-interchangeable units of data have the potential to become a mainstay presence in the economic landscape as more celebrities, artists, and companies launch their own collections. However, given this growing saturation of NFT space, it’s also proven challenging to stand out and capture the interest of both the tried and tested and those uninitiated to the world of tokenized artwork, an issue that Driver Ape Racing Club is set to overcome quickly.

A tribe of 7,777 apes, the Driver Ape Racing Club is a highly anticipated project that features must-have Driver Apes obsessed with racing and cars. Widely heralded as the world’s first high utility NFT collection that gives its holders access to the most prestigious car races, DARC promises to amp up the Metaverse with its host of unique events, including a Karting tournament and an immersive experience for every token owner. 

The buzz surrounding Driver Ape Racing Club doesn’t rest solely on the perks that it can provide to NFT fans and crypto enthusiasts. Two of its biggest appeals are its strategic partnerships with ten of the most prominent car groups and influencers from across the globe and the ticket to the most exclusive racing club that it offers to people who will mint a Driver Ape. “To join DARC is to be part of a revolutionary project that aims to connect car enthusiasts with events in the physical world and on the Metaverse in the future,” shared the go-getters at the helm of the collection.

Not unlike previously dropped projects, the Driver Ape Racing Club also comes hand in hand with a compelling story. But its creators took storytelling to the next level by crafting intricate and rich lore that revolves around Driver Apes, beings who come from a small planet a few light-years away from Earth called “The Silver Lighting.” At the age of ten, each Ape, born with a helmet on their head, must climb the mountain of their elders, place their helmet on a sacred rock, and wait for the Silver Lighting to strike their headpiece to receive their power and strength. However, lightning has not struck their planet for three years now, a dark reality that heralded suffering. The last of the Apes, all 7,777 of them, who received their power, made a move to create the Racing Club to usher hope and save their homeworld. 

Currently, the minds behind the Driver Ape Racing Club are religiously adhering to a designed roadmap that starts with a presale and includes a partnership with Helmade, the chance for token holders to win a customized helmet, the release of an album in collaboration with two of the hottest producers in the music scene, merch drop, and cause-oriented initiatives.

Learn more about Driver Ape Racing Club by visiting its website and checking out its Twitter and Instagram pages. More information about this upcoming collection can also be found on its Discord server.  


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