Bitcoin–it’s changing the financial world significantly, but not everyone fully understands it just yet. Entrepreneur and web developer Eugen Ambur was once oblivious to Bitcoin, too, until he decided to do his own research. Like many, he also had his reservations and hesitations in using and trading the cryptocurrency, but after having a better grasp and knowledge of Bitcoin, he became an unstoppable force. 

Eugen had known and explored the world of Bitcoin since 2010 when one of his clients wanted to pay for his services using the digital currency. Back then, he had the opportunity to receive thousands of Bitcoins, but he did not because he did not know what it was. Later, he researched more about the cryptocurrency and learned that the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed to over $1000. Since then, Eugen started to study the technology and understand how Bitcoin would change the future of the financial world. In his studies, he learned that Bitcoin offers a system that is deflationary, transparent, portable, and usable for everybody from everywhere. 

Bitcoin has long exuded a complex air, something many people would find too intimidating to learn and invest in. But Eugen proves that no knowledge is ever too hard to absorb. He took his time reading articles and informative materials put together by financial and cryptocurrency experts, leading him to make the right decisions in his Bitcoin investments. 

While he missed the chance of receiving thousands of Bitcoin as forms of payment from his previous clients, Eugen ensured that he would never miss another golden opportunity again. The entrepreneur and now expert amplifies the value of doing one’s own research first before pulling the trigger. Investing is never a child’s play. Like any other venture, it is prone to huge market dips and losses, hence making it crucial for one to study the landscape as much as he can and simultaneously examine his investment attitude. By doing so, an investor can fully shift to high gear, knowing his limits and where he wants to go. 

Before being the Bitcoin magnate he is today, Eugen pursued a degree in IT from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Soon after, he founded Allroundrent Performance GmbH, became an adviser at Guasa International GmbH, and eventually became the CEO of the Cryotocasing GmbH. Throughout his time as an entrepreneur, he worked closely with creators and founders of blockchain projects, taking him deeper into the cryptocurrency environment. 

Leveraging his unrivaled knowledge of Bitcoin, Eugen believes that the possibilities for cryptocurrency are endless in a world that keeps moving closer to a new digital frontier. 

On top of pursuing a career in the cryptocurrency industry and further scaling his businesses as an entrepreneur, Eugen is also sharing his jet-setter lifestyle on YouTube as a content creator. He showcases his time during his travels and his passion for exotic cars. Eugen strives to experience new, exciting things in life, which pushes him to improve his communication skills to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. 


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