From acro tumbling, jazz, and ballet, to hip-hop, tap, and lyrical dance styles, Fearless Dance Company has the right dance class for each of these genres. Fueled by its vision to help people get in touch with the art of dancing and remove their fears in performing, the company is committed to providing the best yet affordable dance classes for children, teenagers, and adults exploring the dance world.

Fearless Dance Company is a dance company founded by Alexandra Estrada. True to its name, the brand was established with hopes of helping people get rid of the fears they experience when doing things they love, such as dancing. “We should not be scared to try new things. We should go for it,” shares the company director and founder. Moreover, she also hopes to inform more people about the great benefits that come with dancing as it is one of the best ways to keep oneself healthy and in shape while enjoying the time.

Today, Fearless Dance Company is quickly rising in the dance community. The company is recognized as one of the leading dance hubs providing fun dance classes that truly challenge the skills of beginners, advanced students, and even competitive dancers. The company prides itself in having a dedicated team of dance professionals who have mastered the art of dancing and are ready to share these skills and knowledge with their students.

Fearless Dance Company provides one-on-one classes where students are given a personalized dance class experience depending on their needs and desires. For this class type, the student will be monitored and given immediate corrections whenever needed. Children and teenagers are also offered specialty dance classes. For the fun part, the company holds group classes where partners are rotated. This class type is perfect for those looking to become comfortable with different dance partners. Group classes are also the best way to improve camaraderie among the students while sharing a learned experience. 

Children as young as two years old are welcomed in Fearless Dance Company. Similarly, highly advanced dancers who are training for competitions are also embraced by this rising dance company. To further develop their students’ dancing skills, the company also joins regional and national dance competitions.

As a warm welcome to the new members of Fearless Dance Company, the first two trial classes are given for free. On top of this, sibling discounts are also provided for families that trust the company with their children’s dancing needs. Indeed, this dance company is taking the lead in creating a fun and loving second home where every dancer and dance enthusiast can freely express themselves through dancing. 

At present, the company hopes to inspire more people to be fearless while embracing the art of dancing. Whether to explore the art of dancing or to take one’s dancing skills to an elite level, Fearless Dance Company is, indeed, the place to be. 

You may check out its official website to know more about Fearless Dance Company and the different classes offered.


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