The story of Jimmy DaSaint is not like any other. After serving ten years in federal prison, his experience helped him discover more of himself. It introduced him to what he loves to do and what he was good at doing. This discovery led him to where he stands today as a successful bestselling author of inspirational novels, film producer, artist, and serial entrepreneur.

DaSaint founded DaSaint Entertainment and Philly Hip Hop Awards. He has published over 25 books in the urban genre. Over a hundred thousand copies of his bestselling novel “Black Scarface” have been sold independently. His newly released books include “Sosa” and “Legend” which are currently sold on Amazon. 

One of the best selling must-read books by this impressive author is his novel “The 21 Lessons Life.” He tackles topics on survival, trust, forgiveness, self-respect, loyalty, greed, health, money, karma, and many more in the book. He has many more upcoming novels, including one which highlights the relationship between the pandemic today and the situation of Black America.

Aside from his passion for writing, Jimmy has also ventured into the entertainment industry. He sits as the CEO of DaSaint Entertainment, a multimedia entertainment company managing artists, showcasing music, films, books, and producing entertainment events such as concerts. DaSaint Entertainment aims to be the perfect avenue for successful and aspiring artists in the film, music, and book industries. To name one, DaSaint Entertainment manages an on-the-rise artist from Philadelphia, Rulla J.

Also featured in DaSaint Entertainment are creative and true to life films, including “The Trap” and the CEO’s own documentary “American Hustler.” The documentary tells the story of Jimmy DaSaint’s life, its ups and downs, and everything in between. The emotional yet inspirational film has garnered over a million streams on Amazon Prime. Another remarkable film set to be released this year is “The Karma Effect.”

Today, Jimmy manages one of Philadelphia’s promising new hip hop artists, Rulla. He is also working on new reality series, “STREET BO$$ES,” featuring “Freeway” Rick Ross with Vance Debose as executive producer.

Indeed, the transformation of Jimmy’s life is perhaps one of the best stories out there. This can be seen in “American Hustler” as the documentary delves into important details of his life. It also features the true to life events leading to the challenges he faced in his younger days and how he overcame these challenges and started a new life for himself. 

All the adversities he faced and survived have become his ultimate inspiration in all the books and films he has written and produced. This is a true testament that life’s difficulties can fuel future successes. Resiliency is the key to surviving life, and Jimmy has shown this truth to the world.

Armed with real and priceless stories, Jimmy has truly found many ways to share these stories with his audience and inspire them. He is confident that his readers and viewers can relate to the content he creates as these tell raw and authentic stories which many people may be facing every day.
To know more about Jimmy DaSaint, his films, companies, or books, visit the website of DaSaint Entertainment.


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