Raw acting talent is challenging to come across nowadays. Casting directors, producers, talent agents, writers, directors, managers, filmmakers, movie and television studios, and TV and film production companies conduct several auditions or actively scour the entire country for new acting talents. However, they take years to find that diamond in the rough.

With several and diverse experiences in the entertainment industry, Jamal Lloyd Johnson is the newcomer that will be entering the Hall of Fame. He is a California-born actor who started developing a passion for the arts at a young age. With his supportive parents, Willie Mae Johnson and Javis Johnson (also known as Uadilifu Kashta), he was enrolled in a progressive independent elementary school, which encouraged kids to release their artistic expressions. During this time, he performed several typical holiday plays, Shakespearean plays, and even dance shows.

In developing his athletic build and commanding presence, he took an interest in sports and was a standout high school athlete and a Division 1 collegiate athlete. While in college, he starred in local commercials and voice-overs. After earning his bachelor’s degree in communications, he studied theatre at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. 

Since gaining a formal education in acting, he has performed in theatre. He has also starred in several domestic and international commercials and print campaigns for Pepsi, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, and Direct TV. He was also hired on TV shows for the CW and CBS as well as several short and feature films. 

His breakthrough role is his portrayal of Devon in Andy Cruz’s short film, 2 Wrongs. The project tells the story of a single father with a troubled past; he dreams of creating a better life for his daughter. In this film, Jamal touches the audiences with his genuine acting, and he enlightens the viewers on the existing social issues. 2 Wrongs has also won several awards, including the Special Jury Award and Official Selection—World Film Fair New York, Best Dramatic Short Film—Blastoff 2018, Official Selection—SOUQ Film Festival 2018, and Award of Merit—Accolade Global Film Competition.

Before becoming Devon in 2 Wrongs, his talent, professionalism, and dedication to the arts opened the doors for him. He had previously filmed a pilot with Andy Cruz, who saw his potential and work ethic. When Mr. Cruz pitched the concept and invited him to be the lead, Jamal already loved the concept. 

His level of relation runs deep with Devon. Like the character, Jamal grew up in a drug-dealing- and gang-infested environment. He lost close family members, such as his uncle and his favorite aunt, and friends to drug- or gang-related homicides. He used his traumatic childhood and personal experience of raising his daughters, Jordyn Milan and Nevaeh, as a single father to bring the role to life. 

Considering his strong connection with Andy Cruz and 2 Wrongs, Jamal offered to become an executive producer for the film. Through his acting projects, Jamal hopes to inspire audiences to make positive changes in their lives.

Know more about Jamal Lloyd Johnson, his acting projects, and his awards by viewing his profile.


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