A cursory peep at the news or social media will have one coming away with the feeling that the world is about to end. Everyone seems to be divided along political, religious, racial, with no one willing to compromise or even consider the other’s side. In such a conflicted world, is it any wonder that people are more negative and angrier than previous generations?

In a bid to tackle this rising issue, author, Rae Serbeck, has written 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020, a humanitarian book that seeks to share a more positive perspective with today’s audience. Speaking on why he opted to write such a book in the present climate, Rae says, “The motivation for me as the writer of this book was to talk to the younger generation about current public issues and how to combat social issues with a positive and kind approach. A lot of today’s generation is fed very negative information and mostly have angry views on things, and essentially are just told how to feel without being given a perspective. My book was written to give perspective without telling anyone how to feel or what to do. It’s purely just a book of perspective and kindness.”

Rae also adds that the book is a compilation of his thoughts and experiences garnered through his illustrious career as a film and voice actor, model, and entrepreneur. Prior to writing this book, he used to be a contributor to Elixir by Royel, the international magazine read by millions across the United States. His articles dealt with issues like racism, drug addictions, bullying, abuse, and love. He obviously struck a chord with readers who incessantly sent him thank-you emails and encouraged his writing. “I never knew my words would touch so many people in a positive way, but since then I’ve seen many people continue the spread of positivity, love, and forgiveness.” Emboldened by the feedback, decided to take his message to a wider audience and that was why he wrote 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020.

Before taking the author’s route, Rae started his career in the entertainment industry as a runway model for LA Talent in 2017. He continued his freelance modeling for small companies until 2020 when he got his big break by getting published in Inspired Magazine. A month later, he followed up this feat by posing as the cover model for the same magazine. Rae had his first taste of acting in February of that same year when he appeared as an actor in Robbie Trip’s music video, Luka Doncic. Rae scored another magazine gig with Elixir and has since then gone on to be published in over 25 International Magazines, and acted in several feature and short films. At the end of 2020, Rae started his own clothing company called “Witness Me Clothing Co.” that gives all proceeds to a different charity at the start of each month.

The biggest thing Rae wants readers to take away from his book is for them to learn to show empathy and kindness  to those they may necessarily not agree with.

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