Model: Cici Maasen | Hair & Makeup by Last Satellite [Kate Leatherwood] | Styling: Kat Dujka

Kat Alyst brilliantly excels in thinking outside the box and capturing things beyond the predictable patterns of reality. The international photographer, creative director, and artist, creatively portrays a fictional world through her work that, in one way or another, encourages audiences to recognize the familiarity between them and the abstract creations.

Kat Alyst specializes in bringing forth fictional depictions that connect with society’s truth. Her creative use of colors, human expressions, and surrealism create a narrative that’s imaginary and real at the same time. Kat often works with models she met through social media platforms or social events. As a creative director, Kat does not wait for moments to come but instead creates the experience herself.

Kat Alyst combines strikingly unconventional props, clothing, and other media with real-life settings. The juxtaposition in her photos, carried by the convergence of the unexpected with the reality, urges the viewers to visit the world Kat Alyst has created. As they immerse in the story, viewers reflect on how the visual narratives convey their day-to-day realities. 

Her passion as an artist and unique perspective clearly shows through her photographs. Kat Alyst has been featured across multiple platforms such as Institute Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, ART+DESIGN Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, and Italian Vogue. Her works have also been highlighted in Picton Magazine, LYUN Magazine, Beautymute Magazine, GMARO Magazine, Féroce Magazine, MOEVIR Magazine, and many others across the globe. 

On top of being featured in various magazines, Kat Alyst has shown her work in places like Los Angeles, Austin, and New York. She has traveled internationally for her editorial work. In return, getting global exposure and immersing in various cultures have widened Kat’s horizons. Besides participating in some of the most significant art communities globally, Kat also does some humanitarian work whenever she can. Kat has been doing graphic design work for non-profit organizations to give back to the community and inspire aspiring artists across the country. 

Kat Alyst went through a challenging journey to get the spotlight for her works today. The artist recalled that she had to explore innovative ways to carry out her vision because she didn’t have professional equipment in the beginning. Kat also ventured into several other forms of art before finally finding herself in photography. Despite her uncertainties and challenging circumstances, Kat knew one thing for sure: she wanted to take the road less traveled. Over the years, she found an organic desire to pursue art, and that path led her to who she is today. 

In five years, Kat Alyst envisions her photographs in some of the world’s well respected galleries. She also plans on opening her studio, a collective space where artists and viewers can come in and be inspired. Aside from that, Kat wants to dig deeper into more serious issues such as equality and political matters so that her work can become an instrument to push the status quo to become better. 

We asked her what she wants to impart to upcoming artists, and she said that they should dig deep in finding their truth and bringing out the courage to pursue them, whatever that path may be. “We have one life and legacy. Let’s have a good one,” said Kat.

Learn more about Kat Alyst and her works on her website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Search @katinthecloudz on all social media platforms.


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