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Kristina Hess Provides Holistic Support for People With Dietary Problems

It has long been established that food intake and eating behavior can impact health. Not only are they implicated with weight gain and loss, but indiscriminate consumption can lead to the development of illnesses. And even in cases when people think that they are eating healthy, it might come as a surprise to know that their preferences are still affecting their well-being. Licensed dietician and keto health coach Kristina Hess, acknowledging the role food plays in wellness, has made it her mission to support clients who aim to adopt lifestyle changes designed to produce real and lasting results in their health improvement. 

Kristina Hess earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Wesleyan University and her Master’s from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She holds several certifications in areas ranging from mindful eating and HeartMath to Ericksonian Hypnosis and Sports Nutrition. This Keto Nutritionist, who received her health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, once found herself 15 pounds heavier after serving as the Nutrition Director of a vegan food company for two years and realized that she was on the verge of pre-diabetes.

Like countless other people, Kristina Hess believed she was practicing healthy eating, but her diet turned out to be extremely high in carbohydrates. Aside from that, she also fell victim to the appeal of smoothies, vegan treats, and grain bowls, failing to register the amount of sugar they contain. 

Kristina Hess embarked on the journey of keto dieting after listening to Professor Thomas Seyfried discuss the benefits of a ketogenic diet in the treatment of cancer. And two years into her transformation, Kristina has become the go-to authority in Fairfield County for people with the most daunting weight loss issues. 

Her science-based and integrative approach to her clients’ wellness goals is in line with the view that internal processes within the body involve the engagement of a connected network or web of relationships. This functional perspective allows Kristina Hess to get to the root of inflammations, reduce them successfully, and, when possible, run nutrigenomics testing to identify exactly which type of low-carb plan would be best as a solution for her clients. 

Currently, this owner of a private practice called Thrive Results Coaching is the mind behind the Keto Symposium, set to be the first-ever keto conference in the NYC Tri-state area. She will be running the event along with Marla Leamon, a client of Kristina’s who successfully lost 100 pounds through Kristina’s guidance and clean keto program. Happening next year on September 25, 2021, Keto Symposium will be an avenue for keto lovers and keto-curious folks to learn more, network with like-minded individuals, and reaffirm their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 

Furthermore, this food guru facilitates one-on-one and group coaching, as well, through The Keto Lovers Inner Circle. Intending to help people achieve their healthiest state, it is an online accountability support group that offers accompanying virtual courses in addition to individual support. This platform is the medium that Kristina Hess utilizes to kickstart clients’ transition to a ketogenic lifestyle and deliver them with unique keto advice based on their specific body. 

With her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with food and its impact on health, Kristina Hess has emerged as a reputable source of guidance regarding keto diet and lifestyle changes that can promote overall well-being. And in the coming years, she will remain in the track of providing comprehensive support for people with dietary problems. 

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