Most artists these days tend to play it safe, focusing on one particular style that defines their music. However, Urban Blaze doesn’t play by these rules, as he sets the country music scene on fire with his multi-genre approach to music. One might say that his musical identity stems from the fact that he has a vast musical taste. His diverse style of music has drawn a lot of attention and garnered him massive success in such a short amount of time.    

Urban Blaze has built his brand in the music industry and is focused on learning the ropes. From the get-go, he has been very open about learning how to market and create new music. He has also dedicated a lot of time to understand his audience. He has been known to show positive energy, especially in live events, putting 110% into his crowd while getting 200% back!

What truly motivates Urban Blaze is the love and support of all his adoring fans. He has been consistently releasing top-quality country music throughout his career, and it’s all because of the people that want to listen to all his great music. He makes sure to speak to everyone about his music, and he encourages them to dream big and stay wild.

He has continued to achieve his success under the management of Youngville Agency since October 2019. He has grown from an aspiring musician to a rising country music star in a short span of nine months. His position within his agency is unique as he continues to receive and own the rights to his shows and merchandise.

Urban Blaze has major plans for 2020 going into 2021. He recently released his massive single, “Meet Me at the Farm” featuring National TV Star Big Smo. He is also planning to drop a video alongside his debut country studio album City Boy, Country Tastes. His next release will be a gritty country song entitled “Garners Ferry Road,” which will be coming on the 20th of August. The song recounts his time living in South Carolina.

He is expected to begin working on his sophomore album in early 2021. He is also tentatively planning to go on a summer tour in 2021. He also plans to finish college with two undergraduate degrees from Middle Tennessee State University while he continues to work on his music career. 

He is planning to get a degree in audio engineering and music business, and he plans to apply it to his music career in the near future. Once he has established himself as a full-fledged country music artist, he plans to start his own music label and help other aspiring artists achieve great success.

Urban Blaze is more than just an up-and-coming country music artist. He is a young man who has deep and vast experiences who wants to share the impact of his experiences through his music. Listeners who want a deep musical experience will certainly enjoy Urban Blaze’s diverse music.

To keep updated on Urban Blaze’s music releases, make sure to check out his Spotify account.


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