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Christmas is not around the corner, but all a songwriter wants is… to file a complaint? 

Iconic singer Mariah Carey has been filed with a copyright infringement lawsuit for her 1994 holiday song “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

On Friday, songwriter Andy Stone sued Carey in New Orleans federal court, claiming that he co-wrote a song in 1990 with a similar title as the songstress’ classic. 

Stone, a frontman of country-pop band Vince Vance & the Valiants, is demanding at least $20 million in damages. In the lawsuit, he named Carey, his co-writer, and Sony Music Entertainment, alleging they illegally used his “popularity and unique style.” 

The songwriter claims that his song ranked on the Billboard and reached “extensive airplay” in 1993 and that efforts to reach an agreement with Carey and other co-defendants in April 2021 failed. 

Carey’s Christmas classic ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in 2019 and has been going on and off the top stop since. 

In 2019, Carey said in an interview with EW that it’s her pride that the song has been dominating the holiday season. 

“When it first came out, it was more of a gradual thing,” stated Carey. “It was popular, but it didn’t have what it has now. I feel like people have grown up with the song, and it’s become a part of people’s lives in terms of the way they celebrate the holidays. That makes me feel really proud as someone that loves Christmas so much.” 

A small detail that Carey does not want to talk about is the years that have gone by since the song’s release. 

“I rebuke time,” she stated. “I have a thing where I just live outside the traditional realm of how we measure [it]. So, in that way, Santa and myself are very similar.” 

Carey does not stand alone among artists that have faced a lawsuit this year. Dua Lipa was sued in March by Artikal Sound System, a group from Florida, for the obvious similarities between her 2020 hit song “Levitating” and their 2017 track “Live Your Life.”


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