Digital creators have found numerous ways to thrive and connect with their audiences, but despite that, many creators still struggle to get their products into the spotlight.  Experts have thus risen to the occasion to make this journey easier for creators, with Mateya Tomii, aka MATTOMMY leading the charge through his company, Subfliq.

Born on August 14, 1994, Mateya Tomii is a digital entrepreneur and the founder of Subfliq, a company that offers multiple services that include consulting with creators to help them scale their online offers and an active channel to help creators build audiences while monetizing their offers through subscription products or Discord and Patreon servers. Describing the company and its business model, “It’s almost like a business in a box where we plug in scripts, resources, frameworks to help them scale to huge numbers. We provide the strategy, resources and blueprint for creators to execute at the highest level and throughput,” Mateya said.

The company’s consulting arm focuses on taking a revenue share of course creators after helping them acquire subscriptions and customers. Mateya Tomii believes strongly in results, which is why he has structured Subfliq in a way that it only earns after its clients have earned some revenue. He understands that many entrepreneurs are in the weeds and need help to get out in the open where the world can enjoy what they have to offer. “The best part is seeing someone go from being trapped to making more, doing less and being more effective. Our company has unique ways to drive leads and qualified ones too. Our proprietary strategy for scaling is unique and different,” Mateya shared.

As a result-driven entrepreneur, Mateya Tomii is all about showing influencers, entrepreneurs, content creators and just about anyone how to monetize and scale. With a team of between ten and twenty handling one of Subfliq’s services while a team of forty to fifty people is handling the other service, Subfliq’s service promise revolves around clarity, simplicity and battle-tested things that work.  “We have done it so many times in many niches and with many people. Our knowledge and IP are difficult to replicate,” Mateya said.

Mateya Tomii’s goals for the next few years are to cut  across multiple spheres, make an impact and deliver value to everyone seeking success in the digital world. He takes pride in actively participating in multiple things at a time, including networking, partying, being efficient, being creative, and developing money-making ideas for people. He also sees Subfliq becoming a big company with over a thousand clients in the consulting business and making six to seven figures in income for its clients.

His ultimate goal is to play an active role in investing in large commercial buildings, launching NFTs for big brands and becoming one of the biggest personal brands in the world. “I am big on making personal connections, and I hope to keep leveraging that for not just myself but my clients and their businesses,” he noted.


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