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Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 is a Game of Thrones season, according to the Duffer Brothers, seeing as there are different veterans from the fantasy story in the show – one of them is Joe Quinn.

He isn’t highly known as Kit Harington or Emilia Clark. Yet, he adds to the popularity of the series: Quinn played the Winterfell soldier snickering in disbelief at Arya Stark (Masie Williams) when she rejoined with her sister in the last season of the show.

“It was such good fun,” the actor said of that cameo in an interview with EW. “I was a big fan of the show. It was fun to have a sword and be in Winterfell. I remember thinking that was quite cool.” 

Fans will remember Quinn’s face better after the fourth season of Stranger Things is released this May 27. He comes to Hawkins, Indiana, as Eddie Munson, a metalhead and leader of Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s Dungeons and Dragons team, including Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).

“I don’t think it’s a part-time gig,” Quinn states of Eddie. “It’s a real lifestyle.” 

Stranger Things has an entirely different monster in comparison to the Thrones. Rather than dragons and werewolves, Quinn faces “Demogorgons.” However, the two are the same regarding scope.

“Some of the stuff that we got to do…” he states before pausing, “… that I can’t talk about, was great.” 

“There was one sequence in the woods. It was a night shoot. We got there, and the whole forest was lit up. It was so thrilling. There’s some sequences in it that are just…” he pauses once more. “It’s going to be massive, I think.” 

Even though some of Season 2, separated into two sections, are situated in the California suburb and a Russian instructional hub, the Hawkins region is a combination of “David Cronenberg genre horror and Scooby-Doo,” Quinn continues. “It’s weird. There’s this group of kids in the face of adversity and trying to get through it, but it’s dark.” 

That feel comes from the new demo-bat around: Vecna. Although the actor can’t further provide details about the events in the series, we can bewilder a couple of things together. Vecna is the name of a horrendous undead warlock from D&D that became so powerful that it became revered.

Eddie is a D&D expert at Hawkins. Thus, it is nothing unexpected that he becomes engaged with exceptional occasions about this creature from Upside Down.

“The big threat in this season is a real wink to the great horror baddies of the past. I think people will really respond to it,” said Quinn. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume I will debut on May 27, while Volume II carries out on July 1 on Netflix.


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