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Rebel Wilson will always be proud to be an on screen daughter of Olivia Newton-John.

Just a day following the death of Newton-John, 73, Wilson honored her former co-actor, with whom she made a comedy in 2011, A Few Best Men, with and expressed her gratitude for the inspiration she needed to become an actress.

“You were the most gorgeous lady inside and out, you are a true Aussie icon, and to play your daughter on screen in A FEW BEST MEN was beyond an honour,” Wilson posted on her Instagram handle with a picture of them alongside fellow cast Laura Brent. 

Shown in Australia in 2012, A Few Best Men follows the story of a groom who reunites his friends for a grand wedding. Newton-John played the party-loving mother of the bride and Wilson played the character of the bride’s clumsy but sweet sister.

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Newton-John is an Inspiration to Wilson

Wilson then recounted how watching Newton-John in Grease largely impacted her. 

“Seeing you star in the huge Hollywood blockbuster GREASE with your natural accent was so instrumental to me as a little girl,” she said, continuing, “helping me to believe that it was possible for an Aussie girl to star in huge international musicals.” 

Wilson ended her heartfelt message by revealing how much she learned from her colleague, friend, and costar. 

“You were the reason I auditioned for my high school production of GREASE at 15 – I was only in the chorus, but it was a start!” she said. 

“You tried to teach me about health years before I took it seriously. You were so kind to me, and it was such a blessing to know you, Olivia. I’ll never forget us singing at the piano in our lunch break on set together – what a complete legend you are! I am so sad you are gone 💗 Love and Light always to you ONJ, Rebel xoxo.” 

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