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StratDev Digital Marketing Taking the Industry by Storm with Its Hands-On Approach

In the wake of COVID-19, the start-up and marketing industry suffered a devastating loss in business, many of which faced an uncertain path for the future. However, StratDev Digital Marketing rose up to challenge the norm. 

Located in the heart of Santa Barbara, StratDev Digital Marketing is on pace to revolutionize the digital marketing industry. StratDev is a full-stack digital marketing agency that provides all services needed for businesses to keep up in the increasingly prominent digital landscape. 21-year-old Jordan Calderon founded StratDev to support healthcare and start-up companies in a pressing time where these companies need a hands-on approach to continue driving growth and revenue to their businesses. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-at-home order, many companies needed to adjust their digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience, while operating on a cut marketing budget. As many of these businesses have laid off their in-house marketing team, they are in desperate need of an agency that truly understands the challenges they are facing, and how to position themselves for success in a constantly changing business climate. Jordan Calderon knows first-handedly the issues small businesses face, describing how he “completely understands what it’s like to be on a tight budget and still drive results, as [StratDev] is a start-up themselves.” 

“One thing we’ve learned at StratDev is that businesses can do things the right way, or they can keep wasting time and money doing things the wrong way.” Jordan explains. “We are committed to helping businesses do things the right way the first time by fully understanding our client’s needs before we sign them, and walking them through our unique processes every step of the way.” 

The StratDev team is made up of the perfect blend between marketing professionals with over 20 years of experience, as well as millennial entrepreneurs with new and innovative strategies. Jordan Calderon leads the StratDev team to provide their clients with an in-depth digital analysis of their business in order to form tailor-made campaigns. Unlike other digital marketing services that offer standardized strategies, StratDev has adopted a personalized approach to client services with an emphasis on result-centric strategies. StratDev believes in a personalized approach for everyone, as every business has a unique story that needs to be shared through a unique strategy. Jordan shares that he personally builds a mutual connection between StratDev and his clients through consistent communication and updates through Zoom meetings and team huddles. 

Since its inception in 2019, StratDev has made a name for itself across the nation. Jordan and StratDev have been recognized by multiple organizations including Yahoo! Finance and The US News for his impactful work as a young founder. To share his expertise with others, Jordan has also become a part of the Young Entrepreneur Council and taken on the role of a mentor for the national consulting non-profit organization, SCORE.

However, their zeal is far from complete. StratDev plans to continue providing clients with the care they deserve while expanding their high-quality service offerings. By sticking to these values, Jordan hopes to establish StratDev as a tried and true leader in the digital marketing industry. 

To learn more about StratDev and their work, visit StratDev Digital Marketing’s website, and follow StratDev on Instagram and LinkedIn page.