Photo Credit: Terra Virtua

Imagine being able to own your very own Maverick helmet, from the fan-favorite Top Gun film. Or, perhaps, your very own Jaeger robot from the film Pacific Rim: The Black. The future of collectibles has finally evolved beyond traditional movie posters, cool icee cups, and/or popcorn buckets.

The world of digital collectibles, specifically NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, has taken the idea of ownership to the next level, allowing consumers to now own unique and rare items, that often may be too big for your living room, or too miniscule to physically hold.

The concept of “collecting” has been traced back to 3rd-century BC, according to historians, in north-west Asia, where rulers of the Pergamum Kingdom were slaves tasked with classifying “things.”

Gary Bracey, CEO and co-founder of Terra Virtua recently spoke with The Jerusalem Post about what it means to “create by the means and traditions of the Old Masters.” Terra Virtua is an entertainment-focused collectibles platform which has partnerships with Paramount Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, and most recently, horror comic book artist Nick Percival to help create digital collectibles based on some of the studio’s biggest films like Pacific Rim: The Uprising and Top Gun.

The company uses blockchain technology to play host to digital assets that its owners can interact with through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and in 3D on PCs.

Photo Credit: Terra Virtua

“You can purchase this 3D animated figure on Terra Virtua, and yes, it is full size,” Bracey pointed out. “Or, you can pick up a Top Gun pilot helmet, although all the Maverick helmets have already sold out. From there, you can interact with your purchases in AR and VR. We even ran a Top Gun selfie competition so we could see our fans in their helmets. It was very cool.”

In a recent interview, Forbes highlighted the importance of NFTs in today’s culture, explaining that “it’s like having the deed to a house, but instead of a house, it’s an intangible item that lives on the internet, stored in a piece of code online.”

The piece went on to explain Terra Virtua’s creation of its own currency for users, “even creat[ing] a reward system that brings users more assets as they invest their money. These systems go beyond what is expected of the company, cultivating a buyer experience that generates loyal customers and a strong base of people who love their product.”

Now is the time to enter the new age of collecting. Gone are the days where we hold onto rare unique items that may no longer have room on our shelves, regardless of the reason. The future is digital collectibles. The future is Terra Virtua.


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