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Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra will compete in the final round of the Eurovision Song Contest, binding its place as the top pick to triumph in the contest.

Kalush, a hip-hop band that blends ethnic topics and contemporary melodies, stood up happily, showing the Ukrainian banner when it was reported that they had qualified for the second final. Before that, they played their song, Stefania.

“Thank you for supporting Ukraine,” stated Oleh Psiuk, a founding member, after finishing their performance. 

Pala Alpitour onlookers praised with authentic tears. After Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the band got a great deal of support.

In an interview with BBC, Psiuk said the achievement would send areas of strength for any help to the attacked nationals and the 12 million individuals who have escaped the country.

“For our country, it is so important to have victories in all ways,” he stated. “So, if we win, it will be another opportunity to show Ukraine to the world, to remind people about Ukraine, and to increase morale in the whole country.” 

However, the band rapidly underlines that their achievement isn’t simply a development of solidarity.

“Even before the war, we’re in fifth position according to bookmakers,” they stated in a press conference the previous week, “which means this Ukrainian song is already enjoyed by Europeans.”

Stefania, the band’s melody, was composed to tribute Psiuk’s mom, yet significant stanzas, for instance, “I will always walk to you by broken roads,” have been taken as a reviving cry.

Psiuk, talking after the semi-final, said thanks to every individual who cast a ballot and brought up that the Kalush Orchestra is “totally focused” on the final “because we are here to show that Ukrainian culture is alive.” 

Likewise, Russia has been denied a section in the ongoing year’s competition. Coordinators say the country’s commitment could “bring competition into disrepute.” 

The semi-final on Tuesday gave 10 acts progression to the finals on Saturday. They were (not in a particular order):

Switzerland – Marius Bear: Boys Do Cry

Armenia – Rosa Linn: Snap

Iceland – Systur: Með hækkandi sól

Lithuania – Monika Liu: Sentimental

Portugal – Maro: Saudade, Saudade

Norway – Subwoolfer: Give That Wolf A Banana

Greece – Amanda Tenfjord: Die Together

Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra: Stefania

Moldova – Zdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers: Trenulețul

Netherlands – S10: De Diepte

Thus, well-known melodies like the Latvian “vegetarian anthem” Eat Your Salad and Austria’s EDM banger Halo didn’t come to the last. On Tuesday, Albania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Denmark were dispensed from the contest.

Ten additional acts will enter the main competition after the second semi-final on Tuesday. The “Big Five” nations – France, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Italy – have subsidized to make the contest a reality that meets all requirements to qualify for this cycle.

The first semi-final started with an arranged show called The Sound of Beauty which included pieces of Nucunini’s Nessun Dorma and last year’s champ Zitti E Buoni of the Italian group Maneskin.


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