Venture Mentality is an up-and-coming apparel business that doubles as an inspirational podcast. The lifestyle brand was founded and is managed by an impressive 18-year-old entrepreneur, Jacob O’Connor. 

By the time he reached his sophomore year in high school, Jacob’s passion for entrepreneurship was unstoppable. He applied for an entrepreneurial program and was successfully admitted. There, he received an Entrepreneur of the Year accolade for his hardwork and effort. Since then, he has not stopped going after his dream of building his brand. 

Jacob envisioned a way to help others change their lives, and he did so by establishing a brand that is all about building culture and seeking nonstop improvement for continuous growth. It is the brand for young adults who are seeking to achieve more in life as well as those committed to chasing their dreams. 

Founded by Jacob at just 18 years old, Venture Mentality started as a podcast in 2019, which featured successful entrepreneurs in different industries, including sports, film, and social media. Most notably, Jacob held a podcast session with the co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph. The podcast was built as an avenue for CEOs, entrepreneurs,  celebrities, and influential personalities to share insightful stories about their journey in their careers and life, in general.

Venture Mentality’s podcast has over 120 episodes where Jacob looks into the secrets of the successes of many established and influential people, including Jay Harris of ESPN as well as NHL star Chris Pronger. The podcast interviews were designed to inspire viewers and listeners to chase after their dreams despite the difficulties they may face along the way. It was in line with the brand’s goal of improving different areas of people’s lives and establishing a thriving community with the same mentality. 

The same vision holds true for Venture Mentality’s most recently launched apparel line. The clothing line will feature T-shirts with a minimalist yet impactful style coupled with comfort. The apparel collection will go hand in hand with the brand’s podcast. It will be represented by many influencers on social media, including Instagram fitness models, leading business entrepreneurs, and professional athletes. Among these personalities are Trent Shelton, Jake DeCicco, Nick Santanistasso, Mike Chandler, and Vaughn Kohler. 

As Jacob reached for his dreams as an entrepreneur, he is also dedicated to extending a helping hand to fellow aspirants who are in great need of a push, inspiration, or motivation through his podcast and apparel line venture. 

By building a community with like-minded people, Venture Mentality can make a significant difference in the lives of many. It does not matter whether young or old. For as long as they have dreams to chase and improvements they wish to make, they belong to the community. 

Jacob did not let his youth stop himself from dreaming big, and now his vision is slowly being realized. Indeed, when it comes to dreams and aspirations in life, it is better to aim at the moon so that even if one falls short, they will still land on the stars. 

To know more about the lifestyle brand Venture Mentality, feel free to connect with them through their official site.


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