The world’s first visual style preference revelation technology, VisualTargeting® prepares to introduce new innovative ways to empower entertainment, fans, relationships and businesses. The company remains true to its mission to empower every individual to enjoy their personal relationships and well being, and to enable every entertainer and business to satisfy their fans, employees, investors, and shoppers, presenting them with visually stimulating entertainment, environments, and products, thanks to its StyleSuite™ and TrendSetter™ technology.

A girl might use TrendSetter™ to learn all about her boyfriend’s Visual Style preferences and dress harmoniously with his tastes, matching the gifts that she gets for him to his style, and adapting the interior style that she uses to beautify their environment to his tastes. This will empower her to love more passionately than ever before, and he will love her most for it. Their personal well being is sure to improve, and their relationship is strengthened to flourish.

Visionary Steven Kronick, an American entrepreneur who started VisualTargeting®, enjoyed its perks. His Malibu girlfriend used TrendSetter™ to satisfy his visual tastes while giving him gifts, and he loves how that made him sense a higher spiritual connection with love. Steven is invested in the value of constantly upgrading his product line in order to add new features that people are already enjoying. He hopes to further empower humanity to enjoy the most satisfying visual style solutions so that these empower relationships and well being, and for entertainers to bring favorable fans, reviews, ratings, and sales.

“I started VisualTargeting® to enrich every person, to empower every business to satisfy humanity, and satisfy the individual’s need for visual beauty. I was a branding entrepreneur, and it was a revelation that visual artists and businesses had to guess their viewers’ Visual Tastes, and I knew that it is possible to reveal their Visual Style Preferences, that this move would raise profits, sales, and share values,” Steven Kronick shares.

After its fresh visual style solution partnership with Adobe, VisualTargeting® intends to release VisualShopping℠, which would enable users to purchase any item they see in a motion picture. The company has made initial agreements with retail giants like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, that are responsible for $882 billion in revenues, and is already integrating the technology.

In addition, VisualTargeting® will soon be introducing VisionaryStyle℠, a feature that empowers entertainers and businesses to foretell the future 1 in 11 trillion Visual Style, with up to 174 trillion Visual Style variations, that must be presented to their viewers for their enjoyment. Furthermore, the company is set to present Visionaries℠ that will permit businesses and people to allure individual personalities, for their personal and business goals, to enable attraction and for some to lead to love. This will empower people to target the personality that they want to attract.

Steven Kronick’s success is possible thanks to God’s guidance, according to Kronick, who became a billionaire in his twenties, and is a visionary Christian philanthropist that received a Worldwide Humanitarian Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award, together with an honorable Trillionaire title, for his contributions to humanity, from the United States History group, which honors Joel Osteen and Franklin Graham.

“I trust that there are more trillionaires today, that the 21st century will have more public trillionaires, that humanity will wake up and remember that the highest values are spiritual, and the most valuable innovations are the ones that improve every person’s life,” Steven Kronick answers in an interview about this achievement, that he thanks God for.

With its impressive track record when it comes to visual branding, VisualTargeting® is expected to present the most sophisticated visual style technologies in the coming years. As Steven Kronick continues to elevate the value of the company, more and more businesses, visual arts professionals, performing artists, and ordinary people are drawn to using these exceptional products. 

Steven Kronick is a Gold & Platinum award winning #1 Malibu singer songwriter. Steven continues to lead VisualTargeting® with humility, hard work, and creativity, attributing all his successes to God, and there is no doubt that the company will remain an industry leader forever in history. It is already “The Industry Standard in Visual Style” and is trusted by Fortune 500s, businesses, best sellers, celebrities, and style enthusiasts, in 182 nations around the world.


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