After a car accident in 2016, Voiceveray found himself struggling and falling apart in the secular world. Left with no car, barely enough money to get by, and no job, he knew that he had to turn his life around. He was at a point in his life where he had nothing but God. But amidst the lack of material things, Voiceveray found his true calling – coming into terms with his talent and serving God through music.

Voiceveray left his sorrows and went on into his new life. He grew in the spirit through repentance, fasting, prayer, and worship. Eventually, his new ways led him to a spiritual breakthrough and made him the man that he is today. The process brought him the peace he did not have before. Voiceveray believes that God has transformed him into a new creature who he was ordained to be. 

He got a second chance at life, and he was not going to waste it. Since then, Voiceveray has seen his life with fresh eyes. He got baptized and eventually decided to dedicate his life fully in making music for God. Voiceveray stands for Voice shedding Everlasting Ray of light. Today, he explores gospel rap, R&B, Christian hip hop, soul, and alternative Christian music that would appeal both to the younger and the older generations.

In 2018, he invested in his studio. Today, he is the CEO of his company, Voices Choices Studios. As a gospel musician, Voiceveray specializes in different genres of music to minister the gospel through. His music is very alternative. Some listeners may presume that what Voiceveray is producing is an entirely new, different genre of music.

He aims to work with other gospel artists who need a professional studio where they can record premium quality sound. Through collaborating with new artists, he plans to continue his journey in walking with God to save souls through Jesus Christ. 

Voices Choices Studios prides itself on its openness with its artists. The musicians they are working with have the freedom to make their sound to glorify the Kingdom of God. Through their music, all the artist in the company serve God. For all of them, their music is a vessel to help those who are lost and are seeking God spiritually.

Through music, they can reach millions of souls around the world to be spiritually touched. Voiceveray envisions his career and those of the artists in his company to see their journey more holistically. The art they are producing is planting the seed of the Word of God and the Gospel. This premise gives their craft more meaning rather than doing it only for worldly reasons. People can listen to Voiceveray’s music on major streaming platforms, along with his latest project, Tales of Mother EP. 

Aside from producing Gospel music, Voices Choices Studios also have their line of luxury attire featuring shirts, hats, masks, and even joggers. 

The company stays true to its core values. Since 2020, they only produce music and merchandise that bring glory to the Lord, avoiding any profanity. All of their composed music is appropriate for any age. So long as someone is looking forward to praising God and listening to good music, Voiceveray’s songs are perfect for them.

For this versatile musician from Columbus, Ohio, the only lifestyle worth living is using the talents that he has been blessed with for glorifying God’s kingdom and saving lost souls. 
Learn more about Voiceveray through his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to follow his journey. His music can also be easily accessed using Google.


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