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The Wendy Williams Show will release its last episode later this week, but, according to EW, it doesn’t seem like Wendy Williams will be returning for the wrap-up ceremony. 

“The final original episode of The Wendy Williams Show will air on Friday, June 17th, with a video tribute to the iconic host,” said a representative for the show in a statement to EW. “The series comes to an end after 13 successful years in syndication.” 

Insiders have confirmed that Williams will not be on the show during its final episode, after months of backstage issues regarding his future with this program.

Even with several rumors concerning health issues allegedly hindering her from hosting the show, Williams said in an interview with Good Morning America in March that she was “comfortable” and “ready” to start taking on the job again. 

Williams’ Good Morning America statements came after the confirmation that Sherri Shepherd would take the media queen’s time slot with her own series this year. 

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A source within The Wendy Williams Show distributor stated that a return wasn’t a practical measure for the future. 

The source further stated that Williams’ earliest live daily show would be in September 2023 because a majority of The Wendy Williams Show’s crew had already signed up to Sherri during Williams’ extended absence. In addition, guest hosts started to assume the role on behalf of Williams in October. 

“[My] health is very well, and I’ve had a few appointments. I’m 57 now, and I have the mind and body of a 25-year-old,” Williams said, speaking to GMA’s T.J. Holmes, citing her fights against Graves’ disease and thyroid issues. 

“I’m very comfortable. My partners with the show, everybody’s ready. Give me about three months. There are private things that I have to deal with, and then I’ll be ready to come back and be free and ready to do my thing.” 

Wendy Williams is a media personality who has drawn attention for her bold insights on celebrity gossip and pop culture from the start of The Wendy Williams Show in 2008.

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