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Wet For Her Further Promotes Acceptance of the LBTQ+ Community Through Inclusive Adult Toys


Throughout the years, personalities and entities from different industries are changing not only to keep up with the times but also to adapt to the market’s fluctuating, ever-dynamic needs. As a matter of fact, some ventures that were not well-received in the previous decades have now been accepted by society with more welcoming arms. Reception towards individuals and communities that were shunned in the past have now likewise become loving members of society. Such is the case with the LGBTQ+ community, one of the most discriminated communities that used to gain many mixed emotions from the public. 

On a mission to further the lesbian and LBTQ+ community and sexual wellness, world leader in lesbian sex toys Wet For Her is continuing to make its mark. 

Taking the reins of Wet For Her is a proud lesbian who genuinely understands the plight of LBTQ+ members in society. Alice Derock has gained recognition not only for her innovative mind but also for her fighting spirit to transcend limitations and defy odds. Determined to make a name for herself, this power player has created one of the most industry-shaking adult toy shops that are both non-realistic and LBTQ+ inclusive.

Wet For Her is a highly-acclaimed and globally-renowned provider of lesbian sex toys. It specifically designs and manufactures lesbian sex toys that not only guarantee pleasure but also ensure the highest quality of design and materials. Every LBTQ+ member who wishes to achieve pleasure in bed will find everything that they need with Wet For Her designed sex toys and underwear.

“Since the inception of our enterprise, we have evolved into a world leader LBTQ+ brand that specializes in sex toys for lesbians and lesbian couples, as well as the trans and queer members of the community,” shared Alice.

Having been in existence for nearly 12 years, growing year on year, it is a no-brainer that Wet For Her has gained recognition for knowing and understanding the needs of every lesbian and trans community member. As a matter of fact, Alice Derock has revealed that every small detail of Wet For Her’s products has been meticulously thought of, focusing on what the market is missing for LBTQ+ sex toys. With its team composed of lesbian and trans community members, it comes as no surprise how this entity has emerged as a leading brand in the LBTQ+ and especially in lesbian sex toy industry.

Apart from exclusively providing the LBTQ+ community with beautiful and fun colored sex toys, sometimes with unconventional shapes but always with a non-realistic design, Alice Derock shares that Wet For Her is unlike any ordinary adult toy shop. Being a company that consistently aims to break barriers and defy odds, this emerging entity seeks to promote personal and holistic wellness, which includes sexual well-being. 

“There was something missing in the market. Thus, I made it my mission to fill that gap by establishing a webshop unlike any other,” revealed Alice.

Despite all the snide remarks, rejections, and failures she encountered over the years, both in her path to the summits of the commercial realm and in her journey to acceptance, Alice Derock now leads a business that empowers, inspires, and emboldens. With Wet For Her, she can help others embrace their individualities and reclaim their confidence.

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