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Allie X, a Canadian singer, has replied to accusations that she abandoned her dog in a car while shopping at a supermarket in California. 

Recording artist Simon Curtis took to Twitter on Saturday to post a clip allegedly showing the pop star and Canada’s Drag Race season guest judge scooting an Erewhon health food store with her dog in the backseat. 

His post on Twitter dubbed her a “disgusting Karen,” urging his followers to aid in identifying her, as he claimed that police were summoned following his discovery of a dog “pouring saliva in a locked car in the bald ass open sun with windows and no AC in 95-degree heat” for 20 minutes. 

Allie X issued a statement, saying that she was away for 11 minutes, and she turned down the air conditioning to 60 degrees before leaving the dog, Koji, to sleep in the car. 

“Koji was completely okay. I say those as facts, not defensively. I want to be clear that there was absolutely no ‘crowd forming’ around my car, and absolutely nobody was ‘watching a dog die for over twenty minutes,'” she said, citing Curtis’ series of tweets. 

“There would be footage if that was true. I wasn’t laughing like a ‘Karen,’ I was laughing because I was frightened and uncomfortable of these two men outside of my car. 

“These details matter, and because of the dramatizations, I’ve received hundreds of attacks and death threats made more terrifying by the fact that this person posted my face and my identifiable information with the sole intent to dox me.” 

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Allie X: “A Strange Way to Fight for Animal Rights”

Further in the statement, she said that the encounter “educated” her and that she regrets doing anything that could’ve led to Koji’s harm: “I won’t do it again,” she said on Twitter, further stating that the dog “is in good health.” 

“To the person who thought it necessary to do all this, thank you for your concern. I feel it necessary to say, though, perhaps a conversation would have been more productive than [sic] what transpired?” she concluded. 

“I certainly would have been happy to speak to you about Koji and her well-being if I hadn’t been frightened of you and your aggressive behavior. Bullying me, making fun of the way I look etc feels like a strange way to fight for animal rights… so does using it as an opportunity to promote your music?” 

Her concluding remarks on the message seemed to cite the follow-up tweets made by Curtis, in which he referred to her as a “vile person and an unapologetic animal abuser” and urged his followers to “stream my discography if you want clear skin and don’t abuse dogs.” 

Curtis has had no response since Allie X’s statement on social media. 

Allie X, 37, first gained traction following her release of the 2014 single “Bitch.” Apart from dropping numerous albums of her own, the singer-songwriter has also written songs for musicians such as Troye Sivan, BTS, and Betty Who.

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