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Are Tufina Watches Legit?

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/man-tying-his-shoe-laces-while-inside-room-during-daytime-_1bPErRSKco
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/man-tying-his-shoe-laces-while-inside-room-during-daytime-_1bPErRSKco

Many individuals seeking to invest in a high-end timepiece devote considerable effort to researching various brands until they identify the perfect match for their preferences. In the pursuit of acquiring an affordable German brand, many will encounter the well-established company known as Tufina Watches. This independent brand takes immense pride in their timepieces, which are produced in limited quantities due to their meticulously hand-assembled nature. If you’ve encountered a Tufina watch that has captured your interest and are pondering whether these timepieces live up to their claims, read on to understand why Tufina watches are 100% legit. In this article we will present you with an in-depth review of the brand, its collections, and the defining characteristics of their watches.

Case and Bracelet

A close examination of the materials utilized in Tufina watches swiftly reveals their unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. The Tufina logo epitomizes luxury, as do the materials employed in crafting their timepieces. Tufina watches are constructed with longevity in mind.

The cases and bracelets are exclusively fashioned from high-grade stainless steel, often featuring a 5-micron gold plating. The leather bands are meticulously crafted from genuine Italian leather, ensuring remarkable comfort and durability.

The watch lenses are consistently coated with a sapphire layer, and in more expensive models, the lenses themselves are crafted from the renowned and robust sapphire crystal. This guarantees exceptional scratch-resistance and a frictionless, smooth lens surface. Furthermore, the casebacks are often adorned with Glashütte stripes and blued screws, a characteristic that is notoriously challenging for low-end brands to replicate.


Tufina watches boast intricate dials with captivating designs. They frequently showcase elaborate skeleton designs adorned with distinctive engravings achievable through specialized techniques. Every element harmoniously integrates with the overall design. Numerals are clear and legible, while markers and inscriptions are thoughtfully positioned to delineate the watch’s functions.

The printings and markings exhibit impeccable spacing. A close examination of any Tufina watch reveals precise printing without any bleeding, and consistent fonts. The minute and second indications are thoughtfully aligned, creating a coherent, holistic design. This level of precision attests to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality.


Photo credited to: Tufina Theorema Newton GM-4004-4.


Tufina watches encompass a wide array of functions that have proven through the years to be a staple of their brand. Tufina’s diverse models include features such as tachymeters, GMT, sun and moon phase compilations, dual-time displays, and chronograph functions, calendar, each of which necessitates a specific manufacturing approach tailored to the type of crown employed.

The date window is another meticulously executed function within Tufina watches. The execution of a finely crafted and thoughtfully positioned date window is a hallmark feature of high-end timepieces. The date window is proportionate to the rest of the dial and its elements, with perfectly sized numbers that cover the date window precisely.


Now, let’s closely examine the movements integrated into Tufina watches. These micro-mechanisms are among the most pivotal factors that breathe life into a timepiece. This is often where the true quality and value of a watch becomes apparent. All Tufina watches are equipped with hand-assembled movements, meticulously worked on by the skilled watchmakers. Their chief watchmaker Blendi Tufina holds the certificate master artisanal. This artisanal manufacturing process demands the expertise and technical know-how of seasoned professionals in the field of horology.

An inspection of their tourbillon, mechanical or quartz timepieces reveals an exceptionally smooth movement nicely finished and polished. The characteristic tick of the mechanisms within, beloved by watch enthusiasts, is a delight to behold. Open casebacks or open heart compositions frequently provide a captivating view of the functioning movement. Moreover, most, if not all, of their movements are outfitted with precious jewels, such as rubies, a feature that enhances durability and is typically exclusive to high-end watches.

Tufina Theorema St. Petersburg GM-121-8.

How to Purchase an Authentic Tufina Watch

If you are interested in acquiring a Tufina watch and want to ensure you receive an authentic product, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Visit the official website, www.tufinawatches.com. Any product purchased through this official channel is guaranteed to be a Tufina genuine.
  • Should you come across a watch you like on Tufina Watches’ social media platforms, ensure that they redirect you to the official Tufina Watches website before proceeding with your purchase.

All Tufina watches come with a matching two-year warranty card. Models featuring diamonds also include a diamond authenticity certification. Rest assured that when you purchase a Tufina watch from their official online or in-store retailers, you are acquiring a bona fide product.


For those on the quest for a top-quality luxury timepiece that remains reasonably priced and offers a comprehensive set of functions, Tufina Watches emerges as the ideal choice. The sophistication and unique identity of their models reflect a refined taste. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.” When you invest in a Tufina watch and scrutinize its intricacies, you will gain a profound appreciation for these timepieces, celebrated for their exquisite craftsmanship and expert manufacture.

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