If you happen to be in Asbury Park New Jersey on a Sunday during football season, you may want to head over to Asbury Ale House. These guys are absolutely crushing the Sunday football game like we have never seen.

Ale House was the originator of throwing these epic day brunch parties when nightlife temporarily got shut down due to the pandemic. Matt and Chris Gullace, owners of Asbury Ale House and Ale House Entertainment, decided to capitalize on day parties instead; and that is how Asbury Brunch Club came to life. DJs, live entertainment, dancers, confetti cannons, and more C02 than you can ever imagine. These guys are the kings of partying in the Garden State. 

When coming up with ideas for the upcoming Sunday football season the Gullace boys teamed up with popular New Jersey alcoholic beverage owner Tim Gillen. Tim owns Jerzey Jungle, which is an alcoholic Jungle Juice company and Jerzey Jungle Entertainment. He advertises his Jungle Juice drink as “The Ultimate Party Drink.” It is literally delicious ready-to-pour Jungle Juice already bottled up. 

Tim Gillen said he loves partnering up with Matt and Chris because they always come up with crazy fun ideas together. “These guys have become like my brothers, and most importantly over anything else we always have a good time,” said Gillen. Jerzey Jungle Juice is the #1 hit drink of football Sunday along with many other exclusive Sunday football cocktails. Advertised as what they like to call “The Playerade,” it is an Ale House exclusive Jungle Juice drink that comes served in a giant Gatorade container.

Matt, Chris, Tim, and Nicole (Bar & Event Manager) of Asbury Ale House all came together and decided they would “combine Asbury Brunch Club day parties with football Sunday and see what happens.”  The goal was to push exclusive cocktails and food items not many other places have just to be unique and different. They wanted to create the ultimate party revolving around Sunday football with a bunch of live entertainment—an environment that is just nonstop fun, while still watching the games. The outcome has exceeded expectations.

They teamed up with a close friend and legendary Jersey Shore DJ Brian Unglert “DJ Encore” to provide the best music and MC Nico to host a variety of fun events and games over the course of the afternoon. They also invite good friends, like professional eater/drinker and social media influencer Chris Tobias, famously known as TobiasEats, to bring in famous athletes and reality stars. Asbury Ale House is no stranger to celebrity sightings, so you never know who you are going to run into. 

The Ale House guys also like to bring in extra surprise entertainment every Sunday to constantly keep customers on their feet. “We’re taking the idea of a sports bar to a whole new level, entertainment like you wouldn’t believe,” said Chris Gullace, one of the owners of Ale House. Some food and drink highlights to check out are The Jerzey Jungle Juice Playerade, specialty beer helmets and towers, the absolutely delicious drunken bites, and their 3-time award-winning wings. 

When speaking with Matt from Asbury Ale House he only had one thing to say: “ON SUNDAYS WE BALL! Come experience a Sunday football like no other.” Ale House Entertainment and Jerzey Jungle have a bright future together throwing parties and doing events, and if they are anything like Ale House Sunday Football, we want a front-row seat for every single one. Make sure to book your tables well in advance, folks. The chances of getting into this consistently sold out Sunday rager is going to be like finding a Turbo Man for Christmas. 

For more information follow @asburyalehouse and @jerzeyjungle on social media.


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