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Power Couple is Unstoppable: Bizzy Bone and JCass at it Again

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World-famous singer, model and vlogger JCass is at it again with her husband, the legendary Bizzy Bone from rap group Bone Thugs n Harmony. This power couple has taken the world by storm. Together they have a successful vlogging channel on Youtube called JAM tv. This channel showcases the two as they work together to balance family and fame. They also have shared their love for music by collaborating on a song together titled “Wrapped Up” in 2016. For JCass’ new album “Champagne Drip”, the audience will have the pleasure of hearing this musically talented couple on two songs. Bizzy Bone’s iconic rapping skills will be featured on “Dem Trollz ” and “Doing My Thang”. Both songs have strong messages in believing in yourself and letting nothing stand in your way. JCass and Bizzy have both experienced hate in their careers and have decided to turn those negative interactions into something positive. “Dem Trollz” by JCass will be an anthem for anybody who has had to deal with haters. The lyrics to the song will encourage those listening to shake them haters off and keep pushing forward. Bizzy Bone also has a song about haters titled “Trolls”that showcases his lyrical genius and legendary flow. He will be bringing that same energy to JCass’s song as they show the world nothing can stop them. Not only will fans have the chance to listen to the song but they will also get to experience a visual masterpiece as the two plan on making a video to show the haters whose boss. This song will have people feeling themselves and vibing to the beat. Be on the lookout for these songs and more by signing sensation JCass. Her newest  album “Champagne Drip” will be dropping March 10th. However, you can pre-order the album Champagne Drip now on all streaming platforms.

Website: https://jcassmusic.com/

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