Positivity is a thing that the world is in dire need of nowadays, as the state of current affairs leaves much to be desired. Only the strong-willed can thrive with optimism and relative ease, and it is such people that serve as a beacon of hope for the common folk. Chad Ehlers is an influencer dedicated to spreading positivity. Known as Da_Chad on social media, he is one of TikTok’s most popular creators today.

With over 5.2 million likes and 336,000 followers, Chad Ehlers has a broad scope of influence. With his million-dollar smile and spectacular dancing skills, he leads a group of influencers called Chad Change dedicated to spreading love and positivity across various social media platforms. To effectively promote positivity and spread inspiration and motivation, the founder exhibits an incredible leadership style, which he uses to build his team’s confidence through the expression of dance.

The ChadChange Movement came to be when Chad Ehlers decided to turn his pain into something beautiful and helpful for the community. The movement has several groups of influencers dedicated to its cause. Through them and with his own efforts, the influencer has touched the lives of many who encountered him, regardless of whether in the virtual or the physical.

With talent, wit, and overflowing charisma, this influencer captures the hearts of the public. It would be very easy to assume that he is living the perfect life when, in fact, that could not be further from the truth. Still, instead of wallowing in self-pity and letting each day drag on, he decided to create a space for triumph. He chose to turn pain into purpose with the ChadChange Movement, which serves as a safe space for people to find healing and support.

A few years back, it was Chad Ehlers himself that needed healing and support as he grieved the loss of his young spouse to depression and suicide, leaving him to raise their daughter alone. Today, his daughter, Kyra, is as involved as he is in making the world a better place to live in. Another unfortunate event came up in July of 2019, as his now two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

Still, the influencer will no longer allow any tribulations to bring him down. Instead, he created an online support group with over 300 members worldwide. He uses his leadership skills to inspire change in the lives of others, and he takes an immense amount of satisfaction in the positive feedback from his members, testifying that the movement has been their source of support through their most troubled times.

Chad Ehlers left his medical career upon the realization that he can help many more people as an influencer. Today, the ChadChange Movement actively contributes to the community, supporting different charities and families that they find through social media. The movement raises funds through live programs, and he holds free Zoom dance sessions for people to unwind and forget their stresses for a while.

Char Ehlers is proof that your circumstances do not define you, but instead by how you use your abilities to positively contribute to the lives of others. Visit his linktree for his social media accounts.


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