Having connections is one thing and leveraging them to the fullest is another. D.Cap, born Dukwon Jones, spent a great deal of his life making and recording music. During his stint as a musician, he made music with Killer Mike, Freeway, Young Buck, and Diamond from Crime Mob and worked with many stakeholders in the music scene. After a while, he announced the launch of his new venture, a graphic design company called D.Cap Grfx, inc., now D.Cap Grfx of America, inc., which took off to a great start creating designs for Subway, Boxing USA, Atlantic Records, World Star (late owner “Q”) tour bus, Uncle Luke’s Uncle Luke Rum, Ozone Magazine, Trap Beckham, T-Pain, Bigga Rankin Mixtape Series, and Plies. 

His company’s designs for them paved the way for his latest gig with Verzuz for the battle between E-40 and Too Short. D.Cap is positioning his company in the heart of the entertainment scene to provide services to musicians, music companies, Verzuz battles and a host of other entities in the industry. When he went into graphic design, business was a result of passion and genuine interest in the creative process. In his words, “I used to be an artist, so I know what artists want to see and feel when they see their work.”

D.Cap has always been a dreamer, pushing for lofty ambitions. From his time as a musician to his switch to launching a graphics design company, he has achieved goals many told him he wouldn’t. Getting his design used by Verzuz remains the highlight of his foray into the business world. His first design for the proposed Verzuz between T.I and Jeezy was never used, but he kept submitting design ideas to “LJ,” one of Verzuz organizers at the time. They eventually liked what he commissioned for the Verzuz between E-40 vs Too Short and used his work. D.Cap recalls, “I remember when they published the post of what I designed it reached 34k views in minutes and the first person to comment was Diddy.”

D.Cap’s five-year goal is to own the biggest graphics company in the world with a presence in all the major industries globally. Getting his company out there as the designer for a Verzuz show was a game-changer, one that he intends to leverage for his company’s growth. Even though he makes music for fun now, he still has a presence in the music industry while running the biggest graphics company on the East coast. D.Cap Grfx of America recently released a mobile application called “Udooh,” shaking up the design world that allows users to design flyers on their phone within minutes. With this application, D.Cap Grfx of America gets to work with more people by putting the power and creativity in their hands.

D.Cap sees his company becoming a dominant force in helping artists and entertainment personalities express their creativity better. The company is set to revolutionize how people and the entertainment industry approach graphics design while keeping the creativity level at an all-time high.

Learn more about D.Cap Grfx of America, inc. on the official website or Instagram.


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