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Russia is replacing McDonald’s restaurants with a new hamburger and two potato fries, says the local company, announcing in an advertising campaign about the change before its official reopening on Sunday. 

After more than three decades in Russia, McDonald’s Corp announced that they are putting their restaurants on sale to one of the company’s local licensees. This is expected to lead to a complete branding overhaul for all locations under an as-yet undecided name; we’ll be keeping our ears perked up.

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“The logo depicts the restaurant’s two main symbols: two yellow potato fries and a yellow-orange burger,” stated the press service. “The logo’s green background symbolizes the quality of products and service that guests are used to.” 

McDonald’s Russia’s newest owner, Alexander Govor, wants all restaurants to open in two months and expand to 1,000 locations from the current 850. 

Russia’s anti-monopoly service, which supported the buyout, disclosed that McDonald’s – whose logo is a huge M, best known as the Golden Arches – keeps the right to purchase its Russian restaurants back within 15 years. 

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