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How Entrepreneur Jo’Hanna D. Samuel Is Using Her Brand to Inspire Other Women to Reach for Their Dreams

Launching your own business is not an easy task, and without the proper knowledge and expertise, falling short could be a definite possibility. But for Jo’Hanna D Samuel, the superb owner and visionary of Add’ A Touch Accessories, running a successful brand is just her cup of tea. With a passion for savvy and sophisticated accessories, Jo’Hanna launched her entrepreneurial journey by establishing her luxury boutique in 2008, taking inspiration from how women consistently create higher standards for fashion. 

At present, Jo’Hanna has transitioned her business solely to an e-commerce boutique. The brand has since evolved to provide a much better experience for its clients, offering even more than just the usual fashion accouterments and staying true to its aphorism of “inspiring style and true beauty from within.”

Add’ A Touch Accessories are heartwarming accessories that act as statement pieces to enhance a woman’s appearance. Each accessory is given a fitting name to give it a personal touch and promote its image. 

“My business stemmed from my love of fashion accessories. I was always so fascinated with how we, as women, can alter our styles easily. Eventually, I encountered and connected with women from different walks of life. While accessorizing them, I realized that God has long been trying to show me that my beauty brand was more than just about fashion,” Jo’Hanna, adding that women all around the world appreciate great encouragement from other women to get through their very own journeys. “I am choosing every day to extend my hands to other women just like me. This is what motivated me to build my brand.” 

But Jo’Hanna is more than just her many business triumphs; the mother of four is no stranger to the hardships of life, having experienced and moving beyond trauma, failures, disappointments, and fears. Over the years, the adversities that she has had to conquer allowed her to become the voice that encourages and inspires other people, especially women, to be the masters of their own lives and unravel their different potentials. 

Besides her budding entrepreneurial ventures, Jo’Hanna also has other talents up her sleeve. She is the number one best-selling co-author of the anthology Confident Women Rise. She served as a keynote speaker for a youth group called Future Business Leaders of America. In addition, she was also able to host widely-recognized summits such as Surrender It – A Woman’s True Calling and has spoken alongside renowned TDR brands. Jo’Hanna, being a native from St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, was honored at a well-known women’s symposium as a thriving business owner serving in her community. 

In the following years, Jo’Hanna sees opening several branches of her brand worldwide while inspiring other women like her to pick themselves up and become the masters of their destiny. “I look forward to continuing doing this with other women and agencies that benefit special causes that will continue to motivate and enhance the lives of others all through my faith, fashion, and philanthropy.”

To find out more about Jo’Hanna, her advocacy, and her business, check out the brand’s official website. You can also check out the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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