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IMG Models is an international modeling agency with headquarters in New York. The agency also has additional offices in London, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and Sydney. A highly successful company, they represent more than half of the highest-paid supermodels.

As one of the world’s leading modeling agencies, IMG Models is a leader in international talent discovery and model management. The agency is also recognized for its diverse client roster. Sports agent Mark McCormack founded IMG Models in 1987. It became a new division of IMG Worldwide, a global sports, talent, and events management company. Since the modeling agency’s foundation, it has been pushing the boundaries of increased diversity in the modeling industry.

Mark McCormack believed that models could be managed in the same way as professional athletes, actors, and other entertainers. His revolutionary methods introduced the notion that models could use their popularity beyond runway shows and magazines. McCormack’s attitude towards representing models resulted in the creation of the industry-standard practice of managing careers over bookings.

In 1994, Ivan Bart joined IMG Models as the creative director, and in 2013 he became the agency’s president. Notable supermodels Tyra Banks and Niki Taylor also joined IMG. Other models such as Angela Lindvall, Bridget Hall, Carolyn Murphy, Gisele Bündchen, and Kate Moss were soon added to the agency’s roster of models.

In 2013, IMG Model’s parent company merged with William Morris Endeavor. Together, these companies have steadily grown into a unique sports and entertainment platform.

During his time as president of IMG Models, Ivan Bart decided to start signing models that do not fit the traditional mold of the “super tall and skinny white model”. Diversity was lacking in the modeling industry, and this agency wanted to take steps to change the standard. Height, race, weight, or age should not hinder interested individuals from pursuing their dreams of becoming a model. 

By highlighting models with different body types, IMG Models sent a powerful message to the fashion industry. Their stance on diversity is firmly rooted in recognizing that beauty exists in all shapes and forms. At this agency, they encourage models to be themselves and to embrace what makes them unique. IMG’s mission is to become an ageless, raceless, and weightless agency. 

Aside from casting models who do not typically fit the established mold, IMG Models also does not shy from representing older models historically seen as past their prime. Beauty does not disappear when people reach a certain age and IMG values this perspective.

Over the years, IMG Models has stayed committed to the people they represent. Their team’s experience in management has helped shape the careers of new and established models, which allows the agency to stand out as an industry pioneer. 

The models are at the heart of this agency. IMG Models upholds the value of each individual in their roster, seeing their potential and continuously nurturing their careers. Pushing the boundaries and breaking down stereotypes, this agency has proven time and again that the fashion industry can and should do better.

IMG Models is one of the world’s leading modeling agencies. More information about this agency can be found here.



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