Since we first saw John Basedow gracing television screens nationwide with his successful first venture, Fitness Made Simple, he’s maintained an extensive resume as a motivational speaker, news reporter and pioneering entrepreneur. John’s latest creation, JB’s Fantastic Finds, has brought him back to our television screens in a big way once again. For its viewers, the show’s Facebook media platform has created much more than just a shopping experience, which may be the greatest reason for JBFF’s booming success.  

As described in the ubiquitous TV commercial, JB’s Fantastic Finds is a show where viewers can see the worlds of myth and fantasy collide with treasures from all over the world. These treasures are for purchase through a bidding auction that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday Night. While viewers make heartfelt posts about the gorgeous and meaningful items they’ve acquired while watching JBFF, many rave even more about the experience the show brings them… with great adoration for their handsome host John Basedow.

Folk describe JBFF as a combination of talk show, standup comedy and home shopping all rolled into one, where you can find enjoyment from the comfort of your own home. We have such a great family type environment and viewers can make great friendships. People are looking at the show as destination programming. They come for the trinkets and treasures, but they stay for the humor, positivity and fun environment” said Basedow. 

Many describe Basedow and his ability to uplift all of his viewers, consistently making them feel special and acknowledged, as the thing they love most about the show.

“John is just an exceptional human. He goes out of his way to find unique and amazing treasures for all of us. He interacts with everyone on the show and knows us all by name and state. He even knows our preferences even with 25k viewers. He makes you feel so welcome and at home and shows the utmost respect for everyone. I haven’t missed a show since I started watching. It’s brought so much good into my life” said JBFF viewer Janice Marek, who John calls ‘Chicago TV Janice.’

With an extensive background in research as a reporter, Basedow goes beyond simple visual representation of items. He speaks in verbal jewels that bring the treasures to life, providing what he calls ‘gem lore,’ including the history, metaphysical properties and unique qualities of each piece… a trait that has led viewers to coin the moniker ‘Nat Geo John.’

“I love how when he’s describing things, he gives you a background history on it. He is as genuine and authentic as the gems, but what I appreciate even more is how much information he retains about his viewers. He can remember so many of us by name and state. There was even one occasion where he even remembered my ring size when he happened to pull out a beautiful ruby one. You don’t find hosts like John on other shows, you can really feel that he puts his heart and soul into everything he does” said JBFF viewer Sonia Engle Murphy (aka PA TV Sonia).

Basedow has always been known as somewhat of a pioneer in the industry, continuously searching for new ways to innovate his bold ideas. JB’s Fantastic Finds and Basedow’s decision to air it on a new media platform, Facebook Watch, turned out to be a risk that was more than worth the reward. Since the JBFF TV commercial first aired nationally in August 2021, its Facebook platform has jumped from 400 to over 25,000 members and people across the country are quoting the infamous ‘Sold Sold Sold’ catchphrase.

“He brought exposure to a platform that was highly lacking with his commercial, and truly utilized the possibilities that came with this new form of media while using traditional media to advertise it. I’ve never seen such explosive success, but I wasn’t surprised that John was able to accomplish it” said JBFF viewer Andrea Lee (aka NE TV Andrea).

In order to watch the JBFF Show, viewers must first request to become a member of the JB’s Fantastic Finds Group on Facebook. To be accepted, interested folk agree to the JBFF Rules, the first of which is ‘This is a Positivity Only Zone.’ Once ordained, members can experience the incredible impact of the show and its treasures for themselves, plus share their own experiences like the two below.

“In all seriousness… This is THE ring that is about to become an engagement ring. A little story to warm the heart cockles…

My oldest son Jonathan met a Ukrainian American girl in Germany. While her home country is being torn apart, he is leaving for Germany this summer to go see her with this beautiful piece. It truly is some JBFF magic! Thanks John Basedow. PS. His name is Jonathan Bradley. We called him JB when he was little. I like to think our paths crossed for a reason.” – JBFF viewer Christy Lynn Jones (aka CA TV Christy).

“John, I want to personally thank you. The freebee bracelet you included pictured next to the blue crystal, just so happens to be an exact replicate of one I used to own that was given to me as a child by my grandfather. To him it was just a bracelet, and to me until today it was also just a bracelet that I had forgotten all about. Until I pulled it out of the package and freaked out, flooded by childhood memories of me trying to steal it off my grandfather’s wrist as he watched TV. I don’t have much to remember him by, and although this one isn’t his it’s close enough for me. I won’t be losing this one.” – JBFF viewer Mike Tucknott

The influence that Basedow has on his viewers is not only apparent while watching the show, it’s a consistent theme seen while scrolling through the member Facebook page. Viewers have created friendships with both John and each other, to the point where many describe their union as a family. With its rapidly growing popularity, we can expect a very large addition to the JB’s Fantastic Finds Family, and all are welcome to join the destination experience full of treasures in every form.

“It’s so much more than just a show, it’s the highlight of my week. Everyone should be able to experience the joy that it brings. You come to see what’s for sale, but you often stay for all the fun and interaction. Just through watching the show I’ve made some really great friends that I regularly speak with and even have opened opportunities for networking! We’ve all become a family and I couldn’t be more grateful for John bringing us together” said JBFF viewer Andrea Lee.

To watch JB’s Fantastic Finds, click here to join the JBFF Family and discover your treasure.


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