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Leading With Resilience: How Beena Yusuf’s Journey of Courage Shapes the Future of SHE Magazine USA

Beena Yusuf
Photo Credited To: Ericka Lugnani

Written by: Beena Yusuf- Editor-in-Chief of SHE Magazine USA 

In the world of fashion and media, the journey to the top often passes through uncharted waters and impenetrable terrains. It requires an amalgamation of talent, grit, courage, and outstanding leadership. A person who embodies this tenacity is Beena Yusuf, the Editor-in-Chief of SHE Magazine USA. She stands out as a symbol of strength, not just for overcoming the barriers in a competitive industry but also for fighting a personal battle against a brain tumor.

Beena’s journey began in the realm of politics in Dubai, where she worked with the US State Department. However, her love for fashion lured her out of politics and into the fashion industry, where she seamlessly climbed the ranks to international renown. Both the US and Dubai recognized Beena for her creativity, envisioning her designs as a fine representation of the blend of multiple cultures. This formidable journey from politics to fashion has shaped Beena into a woman of steel, combining her strong resolve with a distinctly innovative vision.

The turning point in her career came with SHE Magazine, an international platform well-known for celebrating the strength of women. Realizing Beena’s formidable strength, perseverance, and innovative vision, SHE Magazine offered her the position of CEO and Editor-in-Chief. The decision was intuitive and transformational for the magazine. With Beena at the helm, they knew they had a leader who could guide SHE Magazine to ascend unprecedented heights. 

However, life took a dramatic turn as Beena was diagnosed with a brain tumor. For many, this could have symbolized an unfortunate stop sign, yet Beena treated this hurdle as just another challenge. Her statement, “Life is a journey that takes us through the highs and lows, and it’s in those challenging moments that we discover our true strength and resilience,” encapsulates her journey and her indomitable spirit, which she unflinchingly revealed during her battle against her health issue. 

Now a beacon of inspiration, Beena continues to inspire millions of people around the world, sharing her journey with positivity and resilience. Her fortitude has not only ignited her passion but also deepened the respect and admiration she receives from her global audience. Beena’s story isn’t just about her fashion acumen; it is about her ability to scale the ladder of success by sheer determination while staying rooted in the face of adversity.

For SHE Magazine USA, Beena’s appointment as Editor-in-Chief is a pivotal moment for the brand. Drawing from her unique background in politics and fashion, along with her personal journey of resilience and courage, Beena is aligned perfectly with SHE’s mission. Under Beena, SHE Magazine USA plans to become a platform for the unsung heroes, the women who fight their battles with courage and emerge stronger. We all have our stories of hardship and triumph, and though SHE Magazine USA, Beena intends to celebrate these stories and the women behind them. 

SHE’s team, composed of professional writers and graphic designers, is ready to scale new heights under her leadership. Beena’s resilience and courage give her the edge she needs to guide an equally ambitious and steadfast team. Together, they aim to transform SHE Magazine USA into a beacon for brave women around the world, demonstrating that strength does indeed arise from vulnerability and hardship.

Be sure to follow Beena’s journey of resilience at SHE Magazine USA at www.shemagazineusa.com, and join her personal story on her Instagram, @Beena_Poshi. For regular updates about the magazine, follow @SHEMagazineUSA. 

Beena Yusuf’s journey is an embodiment of strength, courage, and vision. Her appointment as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of SHE Magazine USA is more than a change of guard – it is a commitment to celebrating the resilience of women worldwide. 

Beena’s journey from politics to fashion, through a daunting battle with a brain tumor, culminates in her undying commitment to giving voices to the voiceless – the unsung heroes who exemplify strength in vulnerability. Under her guidance, SHE Magazine USA is set to embark on an empowering journey, becoming a testament of valor, lending a voice to those who have silently weathered storms and emerged as symbols of true resilience.


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