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Polish off your tracksuits and charge your BlackBerry with bling – McBling is back on trend for 2022.

If you searched Depop for “Y2K,” or searched a thrift store  for a Von Dutch trucker hat, a tracksuit with “Juicy”  on the back, or a baby t-shirt with a glittery italicized “Baby Phat” label, then you are searching for something that falls under the McBling aesthetic. 

The McBling style was all on the shimmery side – hence the name – or it was all about bling. Trendsetters wore shiny clothing and jewelry as technology became the newest and brightest accessory.

The first wave of the McBling trend favored colorful (mostly pink) and glitter. As a result, miniskirts are shortened, and velour and streetwear are often seen on the red carpet.

Many wonderful suits made from the McBling time have been graphic tees with fun and straightforward phrases, bling-y tracksuits and jeans, and accessories designed with sequins.

The fashion received recognition between 2003 and 2008. Celebrities including Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, and Eve are a number of the awesome figures who carried factors of the aesthetic, which includes tracksuits, bedazzled accessories, matching sets, and multi-colored streetwear.

Big names like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie also helped popularize the trend, donning graphic tees and tracksuits for everyday errands and onscreen in their The Simple Life series.

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McBling Carries Luxury Items Theme

During the McBling era, brands such as Juicy Couture, Von Dutch, Baby Phat, Playboy, PINK, and Victoria’s Secret gained traction. 

After the aesthetic became a trend again, those brands capitalized on the It factor of the 2000s, embracing the modern version of confidence brought by the 2000s boss, brave enough to receive attention while coddling in a healthy dose of self-obsession. 

Phrases such as “phat” and “juicy” were printed on jeans and sweatpants, highlighting the backside. Paris Hilton technically owned the McBling graphic tee trend, donning shirts with phrases like “Queen of the Universe!” “Don’t be jealous,” and “I heart shoes bags & boys.” 

Luxury pieces, including the Louis Vuitton Multicolor handbag, donned on the runway at the label’s 2003 Spring/Summer show, and the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag also gained popularity.

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