Music artists can either make their audience dance or sing, but it takes great talent to make them do both at the same time. Mind Body & Soul is one of the most promising dance bands in the entertainment industry. Since its founding, the group has delivered impeccable, soulful, and sweet vocals that bring people on their feet. Through virtual gigs, the band is uplifting people’s spirit in these trying times.

Mind Body & Soul was put together by Rhythmm Epkins, better known to his fans as Dr. Funk. He is the lead vocalist of the band and is the sole creative responsible for bringing impeccable music talents into one group. Founded in 2012, Mind Body & Soul embodies a funky yet soulful vibe that captivates audiences from all walks of life, regardless of their genre preferences or age group. With the group’s apparent passion for their craft, Mind Body & Soul is rapidly climbing up the Independent Music Network Charts.

Even amid the pandemic, Mind Body & Soul is delivering “organic funk” through virtual gigs. Still, the band hopes to host live gigs and be with their fans again. “I miss seeing dance floors filled with people enjoying my music, but I am thankful to be able to connect with them virtually. Music is so important, especially during a pandemic, when we are feeling low and separated from the people we love and care about. It’s chicken soup for the mind, body, and soul,” explained Dr. Funk. 

Mind Body & Soul’s primary goal is to make people happy, ready to have fun and lose themselves on the dance floor. Between January 26 to February 1, 2021, the group’s track called Love Is reached number one in the Independent Music Network. Additionally, their hits Just a Matter of Time and Do It also generated waves in the music industry as they topped charts. The band already earned radio time across the United States, Canada’s Soul Radio JAZZFM91, and other radio outlets worldwide. 

The band’s founder, Dr. Funk, has been playing music for as long as he can remember. He grew up in a musically inclined family in Queens, New York, which strengthened his desire to dominate the entertainment scene with his music someday. Under his family’s influence, Dr. Funk learned how to play the piano, drums, bass, the cello, and many other instruments. As he was learning, his passion, appreciation, and love for music grew even more profound. Since then, Dr. Funk has been committed to carving his own path as a music artist.

Dr. Funk began his journey playing several gigs in New York and the East Coast. He became part of the Chitlin’ Circuit tour down South in the latter part of the 70s. Eventually, Dr. Funk found himself playing with several bands, which allowed him to widen his perspective about the life of a touring performer and the music industry in its entirety. 

“Music is a light that can shine anywhere,” shared Dr. Funk on Mind Body & Soul website. “I don’t care where you are, you could be in trenches, on the front line of war and at night when the bullets start flying, what do people do? They listen to music to give them a little hope.”

Mind Body & Soul are preparing for their upcoming show at CLUB BAHIA, 11:30 on June 24, 2021 at Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Fans of the band who wish to see them perform live should take this chance to come to their show.

To learn more about Mind Body & Soul, visit the band’s website.


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