Life as a concept is complex and for different individuals on unique journeys, their experiences vary. Filmmakers Nima Soofi and Daniel Irias have created something notable that showcases the life journeys and trajectories of various people in their chosen professions.

Produced by Qube Film, Nima Soofi and Daniel Irias cover the lives of different people and how they have adapted through life to be who they are. The feature-length documentary takes its audience for a deep dive into the meaning of life and what it means. It sheds light on the lives of the super successful, extremists and the average Joe and their experience pursuing happiness in a life full of uncertainties.

The Author explores different cultures, characters, and places with impactful journeys and life-changing influences. It attempts to break down barriers put up by cultures, races, societies and human barriers and differences across social media. The film’s creators drew inspiration from life’s set up which they describe as a novel that one has to go through every chapter to get its full essence and experience. “Every aspect of life must be experienced. You cannot skip any part and it is a fact that you won’t enjoy every part of life. Just like a novel, you have to watch every minute, meet every character.,” they shared. “Some chapters make you cry for weeks. You will see things you don’t want to watch and there are moments you don’t want to be over, life is a journey. Not every novel ends with a happy ending but sure that’s what the reader is wishing for.”

The idea for the film was borne out of human’s desire for happiness as a destination in their lives. Soofi and Irias believe that virtually everyone goes about their days with a perpetual search for happiness and they set out to show the world what life looks like for each person in different situations.

The documentary has received nods from industry experts and gotten rave reviews from many of the viewers. It has also been recognized by award organizers worldwide winning awards like Best Documentary Feature at the New York Independent Cinema Awards, Feature Documentary at Florence Film Award, Best Documentary Feature at Vegas Movie Awards, Best Documentary Feature at Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature at Docs Without Borders Film Festival, Feature Documentary at The Impact DOCS Awards and Best Documentary at Great Message International Film Festival.

With multiple recognitions worldwide, the film’s creators hope to impact lives with it and show people that life is a complex thing that must be fully enjoyed or experienced to grasp fully. The strict attention to detail and extensive research in the making of the film help it stand out and it explains why many people relate to it and the people who are featured in the film.Learn more about The Author on the website or watch the film’s pilot here.


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