Right now, artists and musicians creating music with African essences are on the rise. They take pride in the vibrant and sanguine music inspired by both oriental and modern sounds originating from their own culture. Based in France, Algerian multi-musician Eljoee is making a name for himself for producing music inspired by Maghrebin or North African Music to be enjoyed by diverse listeners from all over the world.

Born and raised in the biggest country in Africa, Eljoee looked back at his roots and saw the influence of different music genres and styles in Algeria. They even have their own unique instruments which Eljoee believes are where his diverse and unique music influences come from. The genre-blending artist is looking forward to producing more contagious and energetic music beautifully showcasing his North African influence. However, his journey in creating the sound he calls his own is rooted not only from his cultural roots but also in his journey of becoming a musician throughout the darkest moment of his life.

At the onset of the pandemic, Eljoee found himself navigating through isolation, border restrictions, and the anxiety of going through a global phenomenon alone. Days before that, he ordered music gear which arrived on time during the lockdowns. He then found himself giving his all in composing, arranging music, remixing tracks, and creating content on his Instagram. Later on, this desire to produce music led to taking the next big step in distributing his music to music streaming platforms such Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube while also making moves in collaborating with other artists. 

Things have fallen into place for him when he got the break he deserved with the first ever project he was featured in, BARA3IM THUGS, which went viral with over 70 million views. While this is something he never expected to happen, this was only the beginning for the up-and-comer. The artist then moved on to his next collaboration with Moroccan singer CHAAMA, which became another hit song, completely changing his life. The track is a perfect embodiment of Eljoee’s uniqueness as an artist, which derives from his ability to tap into diverse sonic palettes that stem from his multi-cultural background and upbringing. The song CHAAMA has now over 2 million listens. Recently, they collaborated with another song, HIYA HIYA, which got the attention of many listeners globally, effortlessly climbing the charts on Spotify. It now has almost a million streams.

If anyone hears Eljoee and his music, they would definitely hear the raw talent combining modern and oriental sounds intrinsic to North African music. Today, Eljoee is creating more music and experimenting with his sound hopefully to showcase his range and diversity as an artist. Many of his listeners are looking forward to more of his music. At the moment, he has almost 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and the work he has done so far is only a preview of a lot more to come. 

Listen to his discography on Spotify.


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