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The people of Riverdale have been spared yet another bullet!

They slew the last of Percival’s (Chris O’Shea) wickedness in the last episode (Or have they?) and used their new skills to unite against him.

But the last events saw Madeline Petsch’s Cheryl finally reveal Percival’s last spell, which will take Bailey comet to their town and hit it.

“In a weird way our penultimate episode, which was the final battle between Percival and our gang, felt like our really big, action-packed finale,” Riverdale producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said in an interview with EW. 

“We did that consciously so that in our last episode, we could focus weirdly on more emotional stories and character stories and relationship stories. The question we asked when we were breaking the story was: ‘Okay, all of these characters we love, they have one last day to live. They have 12 hours, how are they going to spend those 12 hours?”

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A ‘Quieter’ Riverdale Will Conclude the Season

Therefore, fans should expect a “quieter” finale but that doesn’t mean the stakes are lower.

“The threat they’re facing is apocalyptic,” Aguirre-Sacasa added. “A comet is going to destroy everyone, and there’s a magical force field keeping everyone trapped in Riverdale.” 

So, because everyone is stuck in Riverdale – and facing their potential deaths, fans can look forward to a slower hour as the characters decipher how they would want to spend their final day with their loved ones. 

“I love our scenes when all the characters are together talking about what they’re going to do, and I think them all wrestling with this changes the temperature of the season,” Aguirre-Sacasa continued. 

“It slows it down a little bit in a great way. We jokingly said that we use the movie Melancholia as a little bit of an inspiration for the season so that we could live with our characters in what might be their final moments.” 

And ultimately, whatever happens with the comet, it might set up the series’ seventh and last season. 

Riverdale season finale premiered yesterday – Sunday, July 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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