Anyone who has scrolled through various social media platforms knows that content creators are some of today’s most influential figures in the industry. While these individuals appear to be living the life on screen, what happens behind the camera is an entirely different story. True enough, famous internet personalities do not always get to show how hard they have been working on getting to where they are. In the case of TikTok star Paris Kinsey, he shared that his online breakthrough is a product of diligent efforts and consistent hard work. 

The advent of technology has made the internet a breeding ground for successful individuals from different industries. While using the online world as a platform can be advantageous, it can also prove to be challenging for those who do not sit well in a highly competitive and saturated environment. However, Paris Kinsey was able to make his mark in the digital space as he continued to entertain others with his content and music. 

For as long as he can remember, Paris Kinsey has always been passionate about creating content and making music. Despite discovering his love for the craft early on, it was not until he hopped on the TikTok trend that he fully decided to build his own brand. Since then, his online career has been thriving and inspiring others to go after their dreams. 

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Paris Kinsey began creating content in 2011 only as a hobby. Unknown to him at that time, he would soon grow into one of today’s most prominent online personalities. Things kicked off when his recording where he lost cash to his sister over a bet circulated around the web. As a matter of fact, it was reposted by a few celebrities on their pages and accounts. As his fame rose, so did the rising star’s supporters on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

“When I got verified on TikTok and hit my first one million follower milestone, I felt really amazing about myself,” Paris Kinsey shared in an interview. “Getting verified on TikTok was like the stamp of approval I was looking for to show that both my hard work and consistency were paying off,” he added. 

Last February 28, 2021, McDonald’s marked Paris Kinsey as one of their brand ambassadors. The TikTok star’s success allowed him to work with some reputable brands as an influencer. It has also enabled him to expand his platform and reach out to more people. More than fame and publicity, he wants to use his growing exposure to send messages of hope and inspiration to those who also wish to make it in the social media world. 

“I wish my fan base would understand that success does not happen overnight. If content creating is something you want to do, you have to start now,” Paris Kinsey advised. “Posting your content is the first step.  Zero people will see your content if you don’t post it. Consistency is key.”

As can be gleaned from his impressive career growth, Paris Kinsey knows more about hard work than anyone else. With his success as proof of the importance of perseverance, he encourages aspirants to be dauntless in their pursuits. 


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