The advent of new social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more recently, TikTok added significantly to the growing number of digital content of staples like YouTube, wresting control of the airwaves from mainstream media. 

Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the world into lockdown. The number of content creators escalated massively as the demand for entertainment reached unprecedented heights. This new breed of entrepreneurs now seemingly hold the keys to our attention—everyday people started creating content around everyday things from cooking to dancing, comedy, tech reviews, fitness and health, gaming, etc. If you can think of it, there’s content for it. 

Interestingly, an ever-increasing number of people choose to trust these creators that they can learn from and personally connect with above conventional media, translating to immense social capital and influence. So who are the top 10 content creators of 2021?

  1. Aaron Ableman

Aaron Ableman is an award-winning media producer, acclaimed songwriter/performing artist, and a best-selling author. A true visionary in children’s entertainment and education, Aaron’s groundbreaking achievements include starring in a music video series that planted 1 million trees in 1 day, working with Michelle Obama’s Turnaround Arts White House/Kennedy Center model education initiative, and being featured on MTV, HBO & the United Nations global platforms. His music and storytelling videos have been viewed by millions combined. Aaron has studied with the 14th Dalai Lama and collaborated with U2, Michael Franti, KRS One, Joan Baez, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. For more about his forthcoming book and edutainment initiative, please visit


  1. Jason “JGOMES” Gomes

JGomes, @mr_go_mes, Founder and CEO of GROUND OF BOSSES, ENT is a gifted lyricist who is a wordplay genius with an ear for sound, and a rhythmic flow that bodies any beat.. Growing up music was all around and it was inevitable that he would not only develop the art but skill to know the type of cadence needed for all genres of music. His ability to connect to his audience, with authenticity and realism keeps his music raw and uncut. 

Being in the game for over a decade he has elevated and is referred to now as MISTER, the boss of slick talk. CTs original, is on fire and coming to take what is long overdue, his crown.. and Rightfully so, his latest album titled, “KING ME” featuring songs like “JSON” and “SPLASHH”, can now be found streaming on all platforms.

Instagram: @mr_go_mes

  1. Angelina Tereshchenko 

Angelina Tereshchenko is an artist and a musician. She is a poet who likes to express herself through different mediums whether it’s a painting, a musical composition, or a written poem. Angelina is inspired by the Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, who was not only a painter, but also an engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, and an architect. 

“He was a naturally curious person, and one field of study led to another. I want my paintings, my music, and my writing to speak a message, whether that is to bring in awareness, bring healing and hope, or to inspire people,” shares Angelina. 

Instagram: @agt_arts

  1. Jamaal Michael Jackson

Jamaal Michael Jackson is an artist who likes to paint and draw. Apart from these, Jamaal can do other sorts of other things like photography and video editing. As a student of creation, he finds his interest in music organic. Jamaal loves to search for beats and melodies that he thinks is missing from a genre. 

“I’m only here to add to the fire. I like to be lyrical. I like for you to think when you’re listening to my music,” said Jamaal.  “Music is a release from my life. My life also provides the content for my songs. Kick 5000 is here to drop very interesting music to the mass,” he added.


  1. Andy Anneville 

For anyone who has lost their motivation in the past year and has had reasons to give up on their dreams or pursuit, fitness coach Andy Anneville is the perfect reminder that keeping at it and continuous hustling has their gain.

Andy is best known for sharing his post-injury milestones, sporting the best fitness apparel and footwear, to dropping some of the most epic and motivating captions. With Andy, there is a guarantee that you will never lose your sense of motivation. 

With nearly 63k followers on Instagram and counting, Andy’s recently launched one-on-one training program is catching on like wildfire and is one of the most popular training programs at the moment. But, “…don’t let minor setbacks keep you down” – Andy.

Instagram: @andyanneville 

  1.  Alexandria McMillion 

In the world of content creators, another famous name is Alexandria McMillion. Alexandria is described as a delightful source of lifestyle inspiration. Despite coming from a small town and creating most of her content from home, her Instagram follower count continues to grow in an upward trajectory.

Some of Alexandria’s most popular posts feature gift ideas, teeth whitening, tech for the home, DIYs and cool stuff like a mystery scratch-off book filled with challenges and adventures. To put into perspective, Alexandria’s posts are filled with fantastic lifestyle content you don’t want to miss out on.

Instagram: @alexandriamcmillion  

  1.  Olga Ferrara 

Voted by fans as Affluencer’s Top Fashion Influencer of 2020, Olga Ferrara continues to grow from strength to strength by becoming complacent because of her status.

Daily, Olga flourishes on the social scenes with outstanding content she is popularly known for, such as her partnership with some global brands like LANISTAR and several other fashion brands and icons.

With Olga every look comes alive with stunning cityscapes, mesmerizing window views, dramatic architecture scenes, and picturesque landscapes.

Olga continues to make fashion statements and, most importantly, create trends that other fashion lovers and enthusiasts can get on and normalize. To describe Olga as an innovator in the fashion industry would not be overboard, neither will it be out of place to call her a revolutionary fashion icon.

Instagram: @olgaferrara 

  1.  Chelsea Kauai

Very few people enjoy traveling as a hobby. Still, nearly everybody loves to see beautiful pictures taken in different locations and sites across the world. For Chelsea Kauai, she is dedicated to keeping her audience entertained by sharing her travel experiences with them. A look at her Instagram feed tells you all you need to know about her trips across the globe.

Born in Hawaii, Chelsea is an adventure lover whose dreams of traveling the world became intertwined with the desire to entertain her audience.  

On Chelsea’s social media, you get to experience the dream trips. Turquoise waters and exotic beaches like you were there on the trip with her. With over 1.1 million followers on IG, Chelsea already earned her place in the list of top content creators. 

Instagram: @chelseakauai 

  1. Eric Ruben 

Although Eric Ruben has intimated his followers on how difficult the period has been and how travel has slowed down since the pandemic, his ever-faithful followers anticipate a time when it becomes safe to travel to enjoy Eric’s amazing content.  

Eric is a full-time travel content creator and blogger. His page is home to wallpaper worthy shots, drone shots from places like California beaches, sunset footage of a pod of orcas in Alaska, or the heartwarming pregnancy reveal shot with his wife in Bora Bora—no doubt, Eric constantly reminds his audience just how beautiful the world can be.

Eric currently has 475k followers to his name on Instagram, a testament to a good job of spreading positivity he has been doing. 

 Instagram: @erubes1 

  1. Erin Christ 

Following several months of lockdown and a few extra pounds later, everybody deserves good food, self-love, and most importantly, all-around positive vibes from the one and only Erin Christ. And suffice to say she hasn’t disappointed, not even for a minute, as she has been serving precisely that to her followers lately.

Erin started the “how to start loving your body” series where she inspires self-love affirmation, appreciating your body, filtering your social media pages to only see positive posts and doing things that makes you and you alone feel good.

Erin is a top content creator right now on Instagram with over 54k followers and over a thousand posts to her name. And as far as she is concerned, “Making happy Sundays for positive Mondays and enjoying peanut butter Snickers cookies is what wellness is all about.”

 Instagram: @bodybybreakfast 


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