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Adriana Leonard Inspiring Change Through Filmmaking

The acting industry is a world on its own, filled with multi-talented people. However, the best actors defy the odds, bringing imaginative stories to life in an excellent instinctual way. Adriana Leonard’s undeniable passion, empathy, and versatility makes her a standout among many. 

Adriana Leonard is a writer, actor, and producer seeking to reform the world through the art of filmmaking. The South Carolina-born creative has channeled her storytelling prowess to produce and act in several movies. In 2014, she co-produced and starred in the indie feature titled Camouflage, a moral story giving cognizance to bullying and mental illness. Adriana co-wrote, produced, and starred in the 2015 short movie Signing Out. In 2019, she was an assistant producer of the romantic comedy movie entitled The Thing About Harry. Adriana has made appearances in several film and television productions, including studio features such as Mr. Church along side Eddie Murphy, Cross 2, and SPIVAK. She also starred in television series including NBC’s Chicago PD and the Golden-Globe Award-winning FOX series, Empire. Her recent project is a zombie comedy and a collaboration with another writer. She is also seeking a home for the heartfelt comedic web series Beta, which will premiere for the public on January 1, 2021.

Adriana’s acting career is not a coincidence, as she has been acting, dancing, and putting on shows for her family ever since she could walk and string two words together. Over the years,  Adriana has remarkably evolved by owning her voice, identifying her strengths and weaknesses, and mapping out a clear path for her career and personal life. She works hard for her goals, confident in her abilities, yet humble in her curiosity of things she is unsure of.  Adriana truly believes in showing empathy for others and remains her authentic self as she continues to pursue her acting career and expand her production company Peanut Productions, with a mission to provide a voice and artistic platform to facilitate content that evokes progressive societal changes and inspires higher-level consciousness. 

Familiar with the journey of losing and finding oneself through sheer determination, Adriana Leonard is a go-getter living life outside of her comfort zone to achieve her goals. When asked where she sees her career in five years, Adriana replied that she envisions herself working with the filmmakers and artists who inspired her. Adriana is dedicated to her job, working hard, and hopes to share her talents with the world, act in movies with award-winning actress Tina Fey, or act in a Marvel movie next to Scarlett Johansson. She also hopes to have her half-hour web series “Beta” picked up by a network, watched, and appreciated by a worldwide audience.

Although risks and uncertainties can strike fear, Adriana reminds everyone that they should always take courage and trust the process. She challenges upcoming artists always to ask questions when in doubt as no one has the answer to it all. She believes keeping the faith and choosing to carry on can help map out a clear career path.

As she continues to take her career to greater heights, Adriana Leonard inspires doers to never give up on the things that set their souls on fire. And with the world as her movie set, she instills a sense of adventure and exploration, encouraging them to remain steadfast to their dreams despite trials and tribulations. 

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