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The year is 2195: women rule the world, men dream of getting married, and you’re invited to the most watched reality show of the future, Victor’s Angels Mr. World Beauty Pageant.

Galaxy 360 will hit you right in the funny bone  – but it packs a serious punch that will knock the wind right out of you.  We won’t give away its secrets here – but film fans can rest assured – this is a movie with a message that matters.  This is an hour and forty minutes  that – no  matter who you are – you won’t soon forget.  

There are a lot of things happening at Cannes.  Anyone who has ever been to the iconic film festival will tell you that there are a dozen fantastic things scheduled every minute – from star studded screenings to celebrity parties to seeing and being seen along La Croisette – where the “beautiful people” from the world of film and TV have gathered for 75 years.  

All these things compete for the attention of the industry insiders – who congregate here every year, from every corner of the world, to watch, talk about, and celebrate everything cinema.

Those in the know will tell you that what gets talked about here will be seen on screens across America and around the world sometime soon.  This year,  industry watchers say, there was a whole lot of buzz around Anna Fishbeyn – who is being described as a “brilliant filmmaker and actor,”  and her hilarious – and  important –  film Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground.

Cloud 21 + Kultura PR International hosted a special industry screener at the Eden Hotel and Spa in Cannes, France during the 2022 edition of the iconic film festival.  

 The audience was certainly excited as they waited for the screen to light up with the film that everyone was talking about – the anticipation was palpable.  And they certainly weren’t disappointed –  once the film started the crowd in attendance couldn’t hold back their laughter.  

 Then there was that unexpected moment that grabs you by the solar plexus and changes everything – that moment where the mood changes – Fishbeyn on the screen held the entire audience in the  palm of her hand, as every word that she spoke found its mark.  Dave Parkinson of Lamourie Media, in attendance at the premiere,  later described it as “the mic drop moment.”  

When the film was over, the audience was still  processing the whirlwind of emotions it left behind.   The Q and A session with the filmmaker truly gave viewers a window into some interesting things that happened behind the scenes during the making of this fascinating film.   It was particularly interesting to hear men comment on how they actually learned perspective from the comedy and thought in ways they never had before about how women are treated in today’s world.

Audience members of both genders reflected on how the film took them on a journey they never expected.

 One thing is clear:  Galaxy 360 Filmmaker and actress Anna Fishbeyn is a (New York City based) “Hollywood” power woman with a bright future – a rising star who has a lot to say.

What People Are Saying:

“Galaxy 360…was wonderfully humorous and rather allegorical at the same time, especially the juxtaposition of roles and reversal of beauty contests…Looking forward to more. It’s quite a funny roller-coaster ride in tomorrow land  – Bill Zook, COO and Producer, 8ball entertainment

“You will be rolling with laughter,” Steve Owens, Film Producer

“The star is fabulous! What an amazing accomplishment to write, direct and star in it, and any world that’s pink and purple, I can’t wait!” Richie Rich, Fashion Designer and TV Personality

“Anna tackles a really challenging and difficult topic in a completely unique way and the result is a powerful meditation on our society. It’s also quite funny. There is nothing out there like Galaxy 360!”  –  Liliane Jardin,   Film Sales Agent

“If I could only say one thing about Galaxy 360 it would be this: Take every man you know to see this movie.”  – Tracy Lamourie,  Lamourie Media

 “Galaxy 360 is a spacey trip to the brightest dark side. A riot of colour, kitsch and crass behavior – all at the grabby hands of the women in charge. This film is what happens when Barbarella plays Trump at his own game…”  –  Natalie “NatBollywood” Barrass, Film reviewer Asian Culture Vulture

“Galaxy 360 is deeper than it appears. I like how she took something very bitter and made it entirely funny. It’s like if Mel Brooks did a gender reveal movie, this would be it – how he would just flip the script.” Laura Medina, Freelance Fashion Journalist

“Galaxy is a modern take on topics that need no introduction but what it does so incredibly well is use humour to deliver some key messages. Extremely entertaining and thought provoking – Galaxy 360 is a must see for every gender. A gender-bending comedy like you have never seen before, Galaxy 360 is set to create movements!” – Nishat, Apojo Technologies

“…Fishbeyn hopes…to start a revolution; a new way of thinking about how society instills gender expectations and restrictions in us pretty much from birth. And how few people stop to actively examine what this means for their individual and collective experience.

Using comedy, physicality, and music to make her sharp as a tack observations, Fishbeyn creates a futuristic world that is bright, dazzling, and glittery, unlike most big-budget sci-fi efforts…through a woman’s eyes……There are laugh out loud moments along the way and knowing moments of cringe-worthy acknowledgement of what women have had to endure for centuries.”   – Rehma Azim in Moviemarker

Screening at Cannes :

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