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Saint Kyriaki is fresh from the iconic playground of Miami’s Art Basel. NFT Artist and collector Blake Jamieson, purchased two of the NFTs from Saint Kyriaki’s album Dreamland 1111 via OpenSea which are Unforgettable Genius and Kyriaki in Huntress Artemis. 

Art in its dynamism is personal and means various things to different people. Therefore, a person or group’s interpretation of art need not be taken in its universality, no matter the gross acceptance of that representation. For Katie Chonacas, popularly known by her stage name, Saint Kyriaki, art is as much the end product as the amount of effort that diligently goes into the creation process. Poet Saint Kyriaki, as she is referred to, breathes music, champions artistry and creativity with no holds barred. 

Already a household name in the Hollywood and TV industry, Katie Chonacas took her interest in Greek Orthodox tradition a step further when she adopted the name Saint Kyriaki in honor of the great Greek martyr with the same name. And growing up in Motown, Detroit, helped point her in the right direction for her music style, adopting the outstanding melodious and harmonious sounds the city is known for. 

According to her, growing up on the streets of Detroit exposed her to different perspectives of musical acts. It helped her show more appreciation to the original and distinct sounds of her childhood icons such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Mozart, Beethoven, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra and Eminem, to name a few. She recalled her trip to the south of France when she was introduced to Sade, and then as a teenager, having to learn the lyrics of “By Your Side,” she not only got drawn into the Detroit Underground Music scene but fell deeply in love with the international DJ culture. 

As an underground artist who found love with creativity and artistry among the regular everyday people on the streets of Detroit, coupled with her deep understanding of art and literature, her solo debut album titled “Dreamland 1111” was released on her birthday, 11th November. The significance of the date concerning her album title underscores a magical alignment with a spiritual presence. 

Despite having only been in the industry for a few short years, Saint Kyriaki performed her famous single “So N2 U” on worldwide tours with 50 Cent and the G-unit camp and made her American debut on stage with Metro Station and Cobra Starship. 

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With her specific target demographics comprising people who enjoy EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and essentially any of the sub-genres, as well as anyone who is struggling to fit in or be accepted for who they are. “The LGBTQIA+ , breaking down gender norms and divine femininity, are at the center of my sound, because the lyrical tracks communicate a message of self-expression, which is why humans can connect with the music. Individuals’ freedom of expression should not be constrained by society’s preconceived notions about what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior,” she explained. 

Released at a time when the world is divided along numerous lines and ideological differences, Saint Kyriaki stresses the importance of every individual and group, regardless of their differences, agreeing to meet at a point of neutrality where every view and opinion count, therefore, leaving no room for discrimination or opposition. Dreamland 1111, therefore, was written to be the point of convergence for every personal experience and feeling. 

As part of Saint Kyriaki’s love for art, expressionism and technology, on her birthday, she and her team successfully released and made available on the blockchain via OpenSea a NFT album for Dreamland 1111  an impressive feat nonetheless, making her one of the pioneer music artists in the NFT space. 

Connect with Poet Saint Kyriaki via her website or follow her on social media via Twitter and Instagram.  Also follow her popular podcast titled She’s All Over The Place, season 4 focuses on women empowerment, exploring divine femininity, web 3, the blockchain and the NFT community. 


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