Growing up around and with a deep appreciation for football had a profound effect on Mehran Rowshan, and he’s channeling all of that effect into building sustainable football careers for children, teenagers, and adults. Mehran comes from a family of footballers and football business owners, and his life revolved around football. Mehran’s grandfather was one of the founders of one of the biggest Asian football clubs—the Esteghlal Tehran Football Club, popularly known as TaJ. His uncle, Hassan Rowshan, is a popular Iranian football star and the only player to have scored for Iran at the World Cup, Olympics, and Asian Cup. Mehran also gave a shot at football, but a knee injury killed those dreams. With his dreams of becoming a footballer shattered, he turned his sights to helping other people achieve their dreams of becoming footballers.

Mehran Rowshan embarked on the coaching journey, which has brought him in contact with more than 10,000 players over the years. In 2015, he established Alliance Football Club, which has become a force in the footballing world. Mehran designed more than 300 unique football drills, which are not available anywhere else. He is also a multiple-FA-qualified coach best known for his unique training methods and his ethical initiatives in the sporting world.

Alliance Football Club develops footballers holistically for both on-pitch and off-pitch activities. He strongly believes in expressive developmental methods that give footballers all the room to be the best they can be and high achievers on the football pitch. Alliance Football Club gives players the right environment to build their football skills, build relationships, acquire real-life skills, gain autonomy, etc. It is one of the most progressive football clubs in Dubai and is at the forefront of championing a girls’ football club as well as other philanthropic activities to give back.

Mehran takes his coaching beyond teaching his players how to play football. The coaching programs he designed cover aspects like nutrition, mentorship, life coaching, and psychology. His ultimate goal is to produce skillful footballers that can contribute meaningfully to a progressive world using their influence and impact. He is currently delving into other sectors to deliver personnel training and guidance services to government institutes and corporate organizations. His decades of experience working with young people have helped him thrive in spaces that have to do with training and getting the best out of people. His calm and considerate demeanor also plays a huge role in making people comfortable around him.

Mehran Rowshan’s five-year goal is to build Alliance Football Club into the premier coaching hub in Dubai where young people of all ages can acquire real-life skills and education. He intends to empower them, provide them with facilities, tools, and techniques that ensure success in every area of their lives. The football world is constantly evolving, and it will make a huge difference if an institute like Alliance Football Club is at the center of giving players the tools they need to succeed on and off the field.To know more about Mehran Rowshan, visit his official website.


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